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Understanding Water, Fire & Mold Damage Restoration Processes

Why To Start Drying Immediately

Using a wet vacuum and mopping up the puddles are only the beginning of the water removal process. The longer the water sat, the more likely it was to be absorbed by your home. Drywall and most types of flooring love soaking up water. They’re very porous materials, and they’ll take on as much water as they can hold. The result is that trapped water will travel, and never have a way to exit your home.

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Dont Turn Off Your Ac

The temperature in your home can affect you and your family’s comfort level tremendously, especially if you live in states with hot, humid seasons like Tampa. However, living in such climates could have other consequences for your home and family, as humidity can contribute to mold growth. Fortunately, your air conditioner can prevent the growth of this fungus, while also keeping you cool. Read More »

Water Damage Inspection & Reporting

If you’ve had a water damage incident at your home or business, what you may not know is that if improperly dried or cleaned you could be actually damaging your house more day by day. The importance of a proper inspection and report can save you thousands of dollars in hassles and insurance issues. Read More »

Fire Damage is a BIOHAZARD

Many people don’t know that fire damage to a home or business in the Tampa Bay area is technically classified as a biohazard. There are numerous residual chemical compounds that are left behind after a fire that are dangerous to be around.
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Creating A Drying Environment

A drying environment is defined as one in which general environmental conditions are such that evaporation from damp or wet materials is encouraged, leading to rapid reduction in moisture content.  A drying environment can be created and maintained in an entire structure, a portion of a structure that is isolated from the rest of the building, or even in an interstitial cavity. Read More »

Are You Worried About Mold In Your Air?


Most of us become very concerned when we think that the air we are breathing is contaminated with mold. Mold conjures up images of us sneezing, wheezing, and coughing. Just the very thought of it is sometimes enough to make our allergies go haywire.

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Lets Talk Mold

Today’s subject matter is mold. When most people think of mold, they don’t think of the nice variety of cheese that we obtain from mold, their thoughts immediately go to the dark scary “black” mold that we hear so much about on the news. The last thing you want to hear is that mold remediation needs to happen in your home.

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Does Insurance Cover Mold

This question comes up alot from our homeowner clients. The answer actually depends on the cause of the mold problem. The only way insurance covers mold related issues is if the source of the moisture that accelerated the microbial growth was from a man-made source.

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Indoor Air Quality under Attack!

Rep. David McKinley has said to Congress that Indoor Air Quality can be up to 96 times more harmful to a person’s health than outdoor air.How can this be possible? Because many of the items we have in our homes emit dangerous fumes such as formaldehyde! Read More »

Don’t Always Trust Your Maintenace Man

A condo tenant in Tampa has a unit that he rents out during the “season” to help pay his mortgage and insurance expenses. Last month his renter called him to say that the cold water supply hose on the washing machine burst during the night. Before he could wake up, find the main water shut off and stop the flooding there was 1 inch of water in the hallway to the front door, the kitchen and guest bathroom were flooded and water was beginning to soak the living room and guest bedroom carpets.
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