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Understanding Water, Fire & Mold Damage Restoration Processes

Hurricane Season Is Here

We had Tropical Storm Debbie roll through Florida a few weeks ago and really surprise everyone. Debbie dumped a tremendous amount of water in Florida. Our office fielded over 250 calls from homeowners that had flood damage in just a week. For almost everyone that called, much of the damage was localized to one or two rooms. We did receive one call though about an entire shopping plaza that was underwater.

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Preventing Indoor Air Problems After A Flood

During a flood cleanup, the indoor air quality in your home or office may appear to be the least of your problems. However, failure to remove contaminated materials and to reduce moisture and humidity can present serious long-term health risks. Standing water and wet materials are a breeding ground for microorganisms, such as viruses, bacteria, and mold. They can cause disease, trigger allergic reactions, and continue to damage materials long after the flood. Read More »

After A Storm – Clean Up Tips

In the aftermath of a hurricane, severe thunderstorm, tornado, or flood, all you want to do is get back to normal. Cleaning up after a storm is a big job, and it can also be dangerous. As you are cleaning up your yard, your farm, or the inside and outside of your home, remember that safety should always come first. Read More »

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