Leak Detection // Thermal Imaging Services

Using Thermal Imaging To Find Leaks

Playing hide and seek with water intrusion?

DRIRITE's Thermal Imaging Cameras can be used on nearly any building material including roofing, drywall, floor covering, exterior finishes, insulation and more. Our thermal imager's large display produces an incredibly clear gray scale image to facilitate accurate scanning.

When looking for leaks, we can better complete the job, see more thermal imaging pictures or read more about our thermal imaging services below.

Thermal Imaging On Ceiling
Moisture Inspections & Leak Detection

Moisture Inspections Using state of the art thermal imaging, locating moisture non-destructively has never been easier - or faster. DRIRITE's thermal imaging cameras can begin scanning walls, floors, roofs, exterior finishes and more. The temperature difference created by the presence of moisture will appear differently than that of the surrounding area.

Thermal Imaging On Wall
Roof and Slab Leaks

The Incredible sensitivity of a thermal imaging camera makes water saturated roof insulation and leaks in slabs stand out. Its display allows our technicans to easily find the questionable sections, then snap high quality photos for documentation.

Reducing Drying Times (and costs)

Monitoring drying curves with our thermal imager can greatly reduce the overall drying time and overall costs of the damage to your property. By locating problem areas, simple changes in equipment placement can be made. To reduce liability, at the completion of the job thermal images can be provided to both you and your insurance adjuster to prove work has been completed successfully.

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