Mold Testing // Mold Identification

Mold Testing Services

If you've had water damage, you may have mold. Let us test.

Even if you don't have visible mold in your home, after a water damage incident you should have a professional and certified mold remediator test your property. Mold can be a hazardous substance if allowed to freely grow in your property. We can help perform an air test and check for any hazardous molds growing that you may not see.

Spore Counts & Air Testing

Spore Count Testing Equipment

Are state-of-the-art testing equipment allows us to test the quality of your air and get actual counts of mold and other toxic spores that you may be breathing on a daily basis. Read more information about this service on our Air Quality Testing page.

Visual Mold Inspection

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Visual Mold Inspection

When you have a mold problem, our first priority is a visual inspection of area to determine the proper steps in successfully removing the mold from your property.

We always want to ensure that the mold you are dealing with doesn't pose any significant health threats to the building.

Mold Culture Sampling & Species Identification
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Mold Test & Sampling Services

If immediate visual inspection cannot determine the type of mold invading your home or business, we will need to properly test the mold using a culture sample. The test may take up to a week to preform, and will give us the information we need to properly remove the mold from your property and ensure that it does not grow back.

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Top EPA Resources Regarding Mold Removal & Cleanup

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