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January 4, 2013 Posted by Mike Campbell in Mold Cleanup

Leaky Windows Can Cause Big Problems

Sometimes you'll never know about a leaky window until it's too late. We recently had a client in Westchase that had a leaking window problem. After months of complaining of strange smells and allergies, they decided to have a mold test done by us.

DRIRITE came in, took air samples and identified an immediate issue. Mold readings were higher indoors than out, which can mean mold growth in the home. After a proper thermal imaging reading, we found a source of a leak to be a window. After removing the frame, sure enough, we discovered mold.

We properly contained the area, dried the area, treated the mold and fixed the leaking window. After just a few days work, this customer was back to normal. A lesson learned is to make sure you check windows periodically for leaks or wet spots around the frame as this could lead to a potentially serious situation.

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