10 Moments to Remember from Tampa from the 2000s

The Tampa Bay area has a deep and exciting history. From pirates to the mafia, our city is full of legends. But beyond even the most popular haunted stories, there are plenty of things that have happened in Tampa that residents remember either fondly or with trepidation. By narrowing down our focus to the 2000s, we’ve identified ten of the moments that residents are most likely to remember from Tampa.

And, as one of the premier mold remediation companies in Tampa, we have memories of many of these events because they have required our professional services afterward.

The Building and Completion of the Tampa Riverwalk

For those who have lived in Tampa for many years, you have likely seen how the Tampa Riverwalk has morphed over the years. Essentially, the 2.5 mile Tampa Riverwalk project was decades in the making, and it wasn’t until the 2000s that residents really got to enjoy it.

Politico explains, “It took six mayors and 40 years, but it has opened up public access to the waterfront, connected the big public projects, and led to something new in downtown Tampa—a lot of people walking around, riding bikes and enjoying the river they had long ignored.”

For those residents who have called Tampa home all their lives, they likely remember what this area of town was like before this project came to fruition and was finally completed.

TECO Line Streetcar System

Do you remember when the TECO Line Streetcar System began operating in 2002? Our town’s lovely trolley-replica bus system is a tourist favorite as it uses historic-looking streetcars to take visitors to Downtown Tampa, Channelside, and Harbour Island.

Plane Crash in 2002

While America was still reeling from the September 11th plane attacks, Tampa residents were horrified when a high school student flew a plane directly into the Bank of America Tower in downtown Tampa. The student stole the plane and left a suicide note behind. While the teenager died, there were no other causalities or injuries. However, it was an event that Tampa residents will always remember.

Bucs Won the Superbowl

The NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have started their football history off with a rough start (they lost every game during their first season in 1976), but they turned things around and have brought Tampa residents some very significant wins over the years. Specifically, at Super Bowl XXXVII (2002), when the Bucs defeated the Oakland Raiders 48–21!

The 2004 Christmas Storms

A major storm system rolled through the Tampa Bay area over the Christmas holidays in 2004. The dangerous storms included damaging winds, power outages, and storm tides, which made this Christmas an unpleasant but memorable one. Fortunately, our water damage restoration Tampa company was ready and willing to assist families as needed – even at Christmas!

The Lightning Won the Stanley Cup

Yes, Tampa is home to a professional hockey team called The Tampa Bay Lightning (aptly named after Tampa’s unique claim as the lightning capital of the US). And this Florida-based hockey team won Stanley Cup championship in the 2003-2004 season to the delight of Tampa residents!

The 2004 Brutal Hurricane Season

While Tampa hasn’t experienced a direct hit by a hurricane since 1921, we have experienced our fair share of hurricane-related weather events, especially in 2004. From August through September 2004, three major hurricanes impacted the Tampa Bay area, bringing high winds, strong storms, and flooding. When homes were affected during this season, professional restoration services of Tampa Bay Inc. were prepared to offer assistance.

The Flash Floods of 2006

On February 3, 2006, Tampa Bay had a major flash flooding event. According to the National Weather Service, “Between 8 and more than 11 inches of rain fell in roughly a five hour period in a five mile wide stripe extending from Madeira Beach northeast through Pinellas Park, then across Old Tampa Bay to west Tampa, including Tampa International Airport.” Since Dririte specializes in flood damage, Tampa residents knew who to call when the waters receded.

The 2006 Christmas Tornado

For some reason, Christmas in Tampa often includes strange weather. Not only did we experience crazy storms on Christmas in 2004, but in 2006, we experienced a Christmas tornado! This small F2 tornado had winds of 125 miles and caused $1 million in damage to the Tampa Bay Golf and Country Club. Over 100 homes were damaged in this catastrophic event. Again, Dririte professionals were available to help with services such as water damage, structural drying, and sewage cleanup.

The 2008 Central Florida Superfog

During a January Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) prescribed burn, the burn lead to some of the worst smoke and fog conditions Tampa residents had ever encountered. The thick sugerfog made driving on Interstate 4 in Polk County extremely dangerous. As a result of the superfog on January 9, 2008, seventy vehicles were involved in a massive collision that caused five deaths and multiple injuries.

And Don’t Forget…

Of course, there are many more memorable events. Tampa residents remember when movies were being filmed around the area, as well as when the 2012 Republican National Convention took over the town. And who can forget the multiple Super Bowl games Tampa has hosted!

Tampa is a great place to call home and a wonderful place to visit. Even though some of these memorable events seem like calamities, what should stand out to readers is that Tampa citizens have always overcome and persevered.

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