10 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Tampa

Whether you are one of the 392,890 residents who call Tampa home or one of the 500,000 international visitors to Tampa each year, there are likely still some things you most likely don’t know about Tampa. You likely know all about our beautiful beaches and our theme parks, but did you know that Tampa has a rich and vibrant history?

There are several things that make Tampa stand out from other cities, and our water damage restoration service in Tampa FL is proud to share these interesting tidbits with you today.

Home of the 3rd Largest Parade in the United States

In Tampa, we are crazy about pirates. Pirates play a huge role in our history, which is why we host the 3rd largest parade in the United States during our annual Gasparilla Pirate Fest! This festive parade of pirates is always a huge hit with 300,000 people coming to join in the pirate fun.

It’s Hot But Not 100°F Hot

When you think of Florida, you most likely think of the beautiful, but hot weather we have all year long. While we do have beautiful weather and it can get humid at times, you will probably be surprised to learn that the record high for Tampa is only 99°F. We have never hit three digits!

Home to the Longest Continuous Sidewalk in the World

Bayshore Boulevard, at 4.5 miles long, is the world’s longest continuous sidewalk! Residents have plenty of space to exercise and enjoy the scenic views of Tampa Bay, as well as many of Tampa’s most beautiful homes.

It Was Once Consider “The Wettest City in the Country” – Not Because of Rain

Tampa has a rich history with alcohol. One source claims, “By 1893, there were 17 saloons in the city, which increased to 66 within 17 years.” Upon prohibition, Tampa took on another claim to fame as one of the top sellers of illegal alcohol in the States. Now in 2020, the Tampa Bay area is home to 80 breweries!

Considered the Cigar Capital of the World

Did you know that back in the 1920s, one factory in Tampa was making approximately 500 million cigars a year? Top Ten explains, “Ybor City, a historic downtown Tampa neighborhood founded in the late 1800s by cigar manufacturers and known for its’ cigar factories, is known as the ‘cigar capital of the world,’ and thus, has been given the nickname of ‘Cigar City.’”

Tampa Has Seen Snow

Believe it or not, the Tampa Bay area has experienced snow! It’s been a few decades since there was a recordable snowfall, but in 1977, Tampa residents got a real treat when the city received a whopping 0.2 inches of snow!

It’s the Lightning Capital of the US

Naples News reports, “The area between Tampa Bay on the peninsula’s west coast and Cape Canaveral on the east coast is known as Lightning Alley, and Florida is the lightning capital of the United States — an excellent home for anyone who has an extreme love of thunder and lightning.” Since lightning can cause house fires, it is good to know if homes experience fire damage, Tampa residents can call on Dririte 24/7 for all their restoration needs.

You Can Visit Cuba Without Leaving Tampa

Did you know you can visit Cuba without leaving the United States? It’s true! Jose Marti Park is a tiny park in Tampa, which pays tribute to the Cuban national hero, and it is owned by the Cuban government! It’s located in the Cuban district in Ybor City.

Sunshine Skyway Bridge Spans Three Counties

The Tampa area is composed of the Hillsborough, Pinellas, Hernando, Manatee, and Pasco Counties. And one beautiful bridge runs through three of these counties! The Sunshine Skyway Bridge and its causeway run through Pinellas, Hillsborough, and Manatee counties.

Sadly, it is the Most Vulnerable City to Hurricanes in the Nation

While the Tampa Bay has not been hit by a major hurricane since 1921, given its location and lack of preparedness, the Washington Post says it is the most vulnerable area in the United States for damage and flooding if a major hurricane does hit the area. Upon this report, the city has made major upgrades.

However, flooding is still a serious issue in Tampa. Fortunately, the flood damage cleanup Tampa residents face is easier with the help of professional water damage Tampa restoration companies like Dririte, who strive to provide fast and efficient restoration services to those affected by flooding.

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