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Understanding Water, Fire & Mold Damage Restoration Processes

The Importance Of Documentation When You Have Mold

It is a seller’s responsibility to disclose problems with a home at the time of sale. For a mold problem you must have documentation that the mold growth was properly and completely removed. This documentation can be a paid invoice from a certified Mold Remediation Company detailing the protocol or methods used to remove the mold problem or Air testing results from a certified Air Quality laboratory.

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Can I Fix A Simple Mold Problem?

A home owner in Tampa recently asked me why he cannot just paint over our cut out and throw away a 2X2 foot spot of mold growing on he ceiling in the laundry room. The mold was caused by an overflow from his A/C condensation pan under the air handler in the attic space.

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A Tale Of Two Water Damage Losses

A condominium owner in your town has a unit that he rents out during the “season”to help pay his mortgage and insurance expenses. Last month his renter called him to say that the cold water supply hose on the washing machine burst during the night. Before he could wake up, find the main water shut off and stop the flooding there was 1 inch of water in the hallway to the front door, the kitchen and guest bathroom were flooded and water was beginning to soak the living room and guest bedroom carpets.

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Mold Remediation: When is it Necessary and Will My Insurance Cover It?

Mold growth is on the rise in homes across America.More and more homeowners are discovering that their American dream is turning into a big nightmare. One day, everything seems to be fine. The next day, they discover a house plagued by mold and/or mildew. Unfortunately, this discovery often occurs far too late to avoid costly repairs. This is why mold removal is essential at the first sign of mold growth in the home.

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How to Tell if Homeowners Insurance Covers Water Damage.

One of the things most homeowners dread is water damage. There is nothing worse than waking up to a busted pipe leaking water all over your basement floor or a roof leaking water into your upstairs bedroom. The damage caused by these mishaps can be extensive, and the water cleanup company repairs can be very costly. If this has just happened to you,here are a few things to keep in mind to determine if your insurance will pay the flood cleanup company bills:

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Why To Start Drying Immediately

Using a wet vacuum and mopping up the puddles are only the beginning of the water removal process. The longer the water sat, the more likely it was to be absorbed by your home. Drywall and most types of flooring love soaking up water. They’re very porous materials, and they’ll take on as much water as they can hold. The result is that trapped water will travel, and never have a way to exit your home.

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Dont Turn Off Your Ac

The temperature in your home can affect you and your family’s comfort level tremendously, especially if you live in states with hot, humid seasons like Tampa. However, living in such climates could have other consequences for your home and family, as humidity can contribute to mold growth. Fortunately, your air conditioner can prevent the growth of this fungus, while also keeping you cool. Read More »

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