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Understanding Water, Fire & Mold Damage Restoration Processes

Things to do after a fire

If you’ve been touched by a home fire, we here at Dririte of Tampa know there are some key things to take care of first to ensure your home is clean. Here’s a key list of things to do. Read More »

Planning Water Damage Remediation

Remediation Plan

Dririte of Tampa always puts in place a remediation plan with you prior to starting a project. If you are attempting a project on your own, you should always do the same. Keep in mind, water damage remediation is a very complicated task to ensure it is done properly, you should always contact a professional prior to starting a project on your own. Read More »

Fire Restoration in Tampa

Having a fire in your home is completely devastating. Personal treasures such as wedding albums and family heirlooms can be lost forever. No amount of money can replace those items. To make matters worse, anything the fire does not destroy is consumed with the smell of smoke. This can be a very difficult time for a family. Not only do they need to find temporary housing, but they basically need to start from scratch! The things we take for granted every day, such as reaching under the cabinet to grab a pot to start dinner, going into our dresser to find something to wear, or just grabbing our favorite book to read before bed may now be temporarily impossible.

Fortunately, living like that is just temporary. How temporary depends on a few factors such as:

How fast can you perform the Fire Restoration?

1)      Was the fire isolated to one room or area?

2)      How quickly was the fire extinguished?

3)      Were firefighters needed to put the fire out? This can cause secondary damages like                    flooding

4)      What type of fire was it? Grease fire, electrical fire, etc

5)      Was the A/C running?

6)      How fast can the company you hire repair your fire damage? Always ask for references!!

Fire Restoration Contractors in Tampa

When performing bids for fire restoration we always tell our clients to ask for references from each company that comes out to bid. In this day and time, it seems like more and more companies over promise and under deliver. Make sure you ask the references if the work was completed on time and if all the subcontractors were paid. The last thing you need is a subcontractor liening your restored home because the contractor never paid him!

Performing a fire or smoke restoration can take a few days or a few weeks depending on the scope of the project. We just recently completed a kitchen fire restoration in Tampa within three weeks. This included cleaning all the contents in the home from smoke damage, ordering two new kitchen appliances, ordering and installing new custom kitchen cabinets, painting a few of the rooms, and installing new carpet.

Every fire restoration is different. I sincerely hope that you never experience a fire in your home. If you do, we are here for you. We perform fire cleanup and fire restoration in Tampa and the surrounding counties. Give us a call and we can come out and give you a free estimate to repair and restore your home after fire or smoke damage.

Don’t Let Mold Take Over

Don’t Let Mold Take Over Your Home

Mold and moisture go hand in hand. Whenever you have an abundance of moisture, mold is sure to develop. Add humidity to the mix and you’ve a quick cocktail for growth that if left unchecked can quickly take over your home. In Florida moisture and humidity are both as common as sunny days and oranges.

There are ways to keep mold from taking over.

  • If you have any leaking plumbing fixtures in your home, getting them fixed as quickly as possible can help curb potential mold issues.
  • Standing water and flooding can also help them spring up. Use a good home dehumidifier to remove excessive moisture from the air. The ideal humidity level should be between 40% to 60%.
  • Use fans or vents in your kitchen and bathrooms to quickly push excess moisture in the air to the outside.

Molds spread by releasing tiny spores into the air. When these land in a moist and inviting area, they begin naturally breaking down the materials they are on. Nature’s unpopular clean up crew, they have been around for millions of years and are extremely vital to maintaining healthy ecosystems in nature.

Still, in your home they can be anything from an annoyance to extremely hazardous. They can decay everything from wood to carpet. If they grow numerous before detection, great care should be taken during clean-up as disturbing already established areas could release spores to re-populate after cleaning is completed, beginning the whole process over again.

Also, some individuals can be very sensitive to molds and should avoid breathing them if possible. These people can suffer from breathing issues, eye irritation, congestion and skin irritation. Some may even have severe allergic reactions.

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