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When Is It Safe to Put a Fire Out With Water?

Having to put out a fire is scary, no matter how small the fire is or how many times you’ve been put in that situation. The last thing anyone wants is for the fire to get out of hand. Of course, that can happen in the blink of an eye, especially when the fire isn’t dealt with safely and properly.

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Is Exposure to Fire Smoke Harmful to the Human Body?

Anytime a fire breaks out inside the home, there’s no telling what type of damage it can do. Not only do they spread quickly, but they don’t have any regard for who or what’s inside the home at the time of the fire. No matter what happens, it’s essential you seek immediate assistance.

As damaging as the fire might be, it’s not the only cause for concern. In addition to the fire, you also need to be weary of the smoke that occurs as a result. It’s one of the main reasons why you should exit the home immediately, even if the fire has already been extinguished.

Is Fire Smoke Exposure Harmful to the Human Body?

The short answer is yes, fire smoke is incredibly dangerous to the human body. In fact, a majority of deaths related to a house fire are caused by smoke inhalation. When you inhale smoke, you’re inhaling a wide range of dangerous particles, soot, and toxic materials in the air.

Even worse, fire smoke is never confined to just one area and it’ll often linger in other areas of the home — no matter how small or contained the fire was. Whenever there’s fire damage, Tampa Bay homeowners also need to be weary of smoke damage, even after the fire is gone.

Some of the most common symptoms and complications to watch out for when fire smoke is inhaled are respiratory issues, coughing, nausea, confusion, vomiting, and fatigue. This is due to the decreased level of oxygen and increased level of carbon monoxide in the lungs.  

To most people’s surprise, not all smoke is created equal. The level of danger often depends on what was burned, the temperature it reached, and the amount of oxygen present. To ensure your family is safe to re-enter, call your local fire restoration company for assistance.

Can Smoke Damage Impact Your Home’s Interior?

The human body isn’t the only victim when smoke and soot are present following a fire. It’ll wreak havoc on the entire interior of the home, especially if the fire is large enough or isn’t contained in a timely manner. Like we mentioned above, smoke loves to travel and linger.

Since almost every home is equipped with vents that run throughout the home and into each room, this is usually the largest culprit of smoke lingering. Once smoke enters the vents and HVAC unit, it can literally travel wherever it wants — with or without your permission.

This smoke and soot will settle on your walls, in your walls, on furniture, your clothing, blankets, pillows, curtains, mats, and anything else you can think of. Without professional smoke remediation, smoke inhalation can haunt you and your family for days, weeks, months, years!

The sooner you contact your trusted, experienced, and professional restoration services of Tampa Bay, the sooner you can eliminate this danger from your home. The key is to not wait and contact them immediately after the fire — even if it’s a small fire contained to one room.

When Is It Safe to Re-Enter Your Home After a Fire?

Smoke damage is no joke. It’s just as dangerous as the fire itself. That’s why your local fire department recommends evacuating the home as soon as possible once a fire starts — or once you’ve had a chance to extinguish it. You never know what particles are floating around the air.

Even once the fire department clears the home of fire, you should avoid re-entering the home until a restoration company gives you the green light. They’ll be able to find out where the smoke and soot is located, as well as remove it from the home to remove any danger.

By the time your fire restoration Tampa company is done, you’ll have a smoke-free home that’s safe to re-enter. In fact, they’ll be able to restore any damage left by the fire and smoke to return your home to its original condition. It’ll be as if the fire never happened, allowing you to move on.

Contact DriRite for Immediate Assistance!

At DriRite, we’ve seen it all. We understand the many dangers that come with fire and smoke damage. We stay dedicated to ensuring your home looks and smells as beautiful as it did before the fire occurred. It’s an essential part of the recovery process, both physically and mentally.

If you need immediate assistance following fire damage, Tampa residents shouldn’t hesitate to contact us. Our trained professionals are always on stand-by and have the equipment, expertise, and friendly attitude you need in these devastating times.

We can’t wait to extend our helping hand to your family and prove that we’re one of the best restoration companies Tampa has to offer!

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