5 Habits to Prevent Water, Fire, & Mold Damage in Tampa

Owning a home or business comes with a great deal of responsibility, especially in the Tampa Bay area. With the humidity, severe storms, and everyday incidents that can occur on your property, you truly never know when things can get out of hand and result in damage.

Whether it’s water, fire, or mold damage, homeowners and business owners must repair and restore their property immediately to ensure the problem doesn’t get any worse. Unfortunately, that takes time, money, and effort that most people either don’t have or don’t want to part with.

The good news is there are so many things you can start doing regularly to reduce your chances of ever having to deal with fire, mold, or water damage in Tampa. In fact, we’re going to detail five habits you can adopt today to help prevent these types of damage to your property.

1. Maintain Your Appliances Frequently

Your home or business is filled with various appliances that give the property function. Whether it’s your stovetop, oven, dishwasher, washer and dryer, microwave, fireplace, water heater, toilet, HVAC unit, etc. — these appliances are used on a daily basis and necessary for living.

Unfortunately, these appliances aren’t perfect. They malfunction frequently and are a huge risk for mold, water, and fire damage when not maintained properly. That’s why it’s so important to maintain these appliances on a regular basis to ensure they function properly and efficiently.

2. Clean Your Gutters Often

Your gutters are extremely important to the function of your house, especially when it rains. Unfortunately, most people don’t clean their gutters often enough. As leaves, debris, and sticks pile up in the gutter, it compromises its ability to drain rainwater properly and efficiently.

As water builds up, it’ll start to overflow into the interior and exterior of the property. This causes a great deal of water damage to the structure of the home. It’ll also protect your roof from water buildup, which can cause a leaky roof and even more water damage than originally expected.

3. When Water Spills, Dry It Immediately

Water spills are a normal occurrence in any home or business. Whether you’re doing the dishes, taking a shower, or accidentally spill a glass of water on the floor, you’re likely to experience a spill on a regular basis — this is especially true if you have children or pets in the home.

When those spills happen, it’s very important that you clean it up immediately. The quicker you dry the affected area, the more you reduce the chances of damage. You also have to consider the humidity in Tampa Bay, which can expedite the process of mold growing and spreading.

4. Test Your Smoke Alarms Often

Smoke alarms are an essential piece to any home or business. They help with the early detection of a fire, especially since smoke and gas travel faster than heat. In fact, most injuries and deaths occur from the inhalation of smoke and toxic gases, opposed to the actual fire.

While a smoke alarm can do a lot to avoid major fire damage restoration in Tampa by detecting the fire early, it’s crucial that you have your smoke alarms tested often. At the end of the day, a smoke alarm is only effective if it’s working properly. By testing them regularly, you can rest easy.

5. Clean Your Home Often

Maintaining a clean home can do a lot to reduce your chances of experiencing water, fire, or mold damage. This is especially true in the kitchen and bathroom, where water damage happens the most. You also have to consider the risk of fire by not cleaning appliances.

Dust is also a major culprit of mold damage, especially in areas of high-humidity — which is pretty much every home or business in the Tampa Bay area. By keeping your home or business clean, you can avoid those heavy costs of repairing and restoring property damage.

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If you live in Tampa, FL, water damage and fire damage are almost inevitable. While the habits listed above can do a lot to prevent that from happening, they can’t guarantee anything and certainly won’t account for the unexpected incidents that are bound to happen eventually.

The good news is we specialize in restoring your home or business from water, mold, and fire damage. We have everything you need to get the job done right the first time around — including the equipment, knowledge, experience, passion, and certified, licensed, and insured experts.

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