5 Incredibly Useful Damage Restoration Tips for Small Businesses

With the amount of time, money, and love you have poured into your small business, you don’t want to a disaster to ruin everything you’ve built. Whether you are dealing with a flood or a pipe break, small business owners have to work harder than others to make sure they don’t have to close their doors permanently.

Water damage can wreak havoc on the property and inventory, and if not dealt with correctly, can lead to an abundance of other issues, like mold. For this reason, water damage can be devastating to small businesses.

Fox Business reports, “Natural disasters have impacted more than 30% of all small businesses in the USA. Despite those statistics, only 38% of small businesses have an emergency/disaster preparedness plan.”

Moreover, FEMA reports, “Almost 40 percent of small businesses never reopen their doors following a disaster because just a few inches of water can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage.”

Don’t let your small business become one of these sad statistics! While small business owners can’t prevent disasters from happening, they can take steps to ensure their business survives. Let’s take some time today to discuss some damage restoration tips for small businesses that will make all the difference.

Know Your Risks

One of the first things small business owners need to do is perform a risk assessment for their property. For example, if your small business is located in a flood zone, you will have to take different precautions than other businesses. Additionally, your risks also determine what type of additional insurance you should consider, such as flood insurance. Likewise, your risks will also shape your preparedness plan. Those small business owners who deal with hurricane threats will have different preparedness plans than small businesses facing potentially dangerous winter weather.

Have a Preparedness Plan

While you never know when a disaster will strike, you can plan ahead for potential disasters. Your small business disaster plan should include information, such as the alternate location where you and employees will work in the event of an emergency, where emergency supplies are located, and a clear communication plan for your entire team and your customers. Ready.gov has a section of online resources for Preparedness Planning for Your Business that will make this even easier.

Store Important Data Offsite

Unfortunately, some damage is irreparable. For instance, it is very difficult to restore paperwork that has been damaged by water or fire. This is why it is critical to back-up your important data regularly. It is even better to store important data, like contracts, offsite (such as in a safety deposit box at a bank), or online using a cloud storage system. You want to be able to access this type of information whether or not you are able to open your doors.

Assess, Document, and Photograph All Damage

When a disaster happens, you need to safely assess the damage as soon as possible. Begin by identifying the type of water damage in Tampa is dealing with in this disaster event. You will need to try to determine the class of water damage from the least amount of water to the greatest amount of water. You will also need to carefully asses whether you are dealing with clean water damage or contaminated water damage.

You will also need to properly document and photograph all damage. You want to have evidence of what occurred and which parts of your inventory were affected to show to insurance companies. List everything and take as many photographs as possible. Only after you have documented the damage should you begin removing items that appear to be unsalvageable.

Contact the Professionals at Dririte

The most important damage restoration tip is to work with the water damage restoration Tampa professionals, Dririte. Rather than attempting to deal with water damage on your own, trust the experts in the field. Dririte has over 30 years of experience helping homeowners and business owners get back on their feet after water disasters.

Why is it important to work with a professional? Because if not handled correctly, water damage can result in even more costly damages. For instance, secondary damage can include odors, stains, and mold. Fortunately, Dririte is not only the flood damage cleanup experts, but they are also the mold remediation in Tampa professionals. When they work with small business owners on a damage restoration project, they make sure their clients don’t have to deal with secondary damage like mold.

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