5 Most Common Natural Disasters in Tampa Bay

Tampa Bay is such a wonderful city to settle down, whether you’re single or looking to raise a family. You’re met with beautiful and comfortable weather most of the year, as well as a limited amount of snow during the winter. Of course, that’s not mentioning all the fun things you can do.

Despite how fun, rewarding, and exciting living in Tampa Bay is, it’s not always the ideal place to live your life. It’s home to a wide range of natural disasters that can discourage a homeowner, especially when you consider the amount of damage those natural disasters cause at home.

Not only can natural disasters welcome water damage in Tampa Bay, but they also welcome fire and mold damage. Either way, there’s a good chance you might require fire, mold, or water damage restoration in Tampa, which is a phone call no homeowner ever wants to make.

What are the Most Common Natural Disasters in Tampa?

Natural disasters are some of the scariest incidents that can happen for a homeowner. You never truly know how bad they’ll get, how much damage they’ll cause, or when they’ll present themselves. That’s why you always need to be prepared for the worst, while expecting the best.

Some of the most common natural disasters that happen in Tampa — as well as Florida, in general — include tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, severe storms, and wildfires. Let’s take a closer look at each natural disaster and what you should keep an eye out for to stay safe and secure.

1.    Tornadoes

A majority of tornadoes happen during a thunderstorm. They form when warm, moist air meets with cool, dry air and create an unstable environment that can welcome wind speeds of up to 300mph. These rapid winds cause a great deal of home damage, both directly and indirectly.

If a tornado strikes your home or sends debris toward your home, it can lead to a wide range of issues inside the home — including both water damage and fire damage. Believe it or not, Florida is home to as many as 50 tornadoes every year, one of the highest numbers in the country.

2.    Hurricanes

When most people think of Florida weather, they immediately imagine hurricane season, which runs from June 1st to November 30th. Hurricanes are characterized by a low-pressure center, low-level atmospheric circulation, thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, squalls, and strong winds.

The aftermath of a hurricane is something every homeowner fears. The amount of water and potential fire damage will have most restoration companies in Tampa ready for work. There’s a lot that can go wrong during a hurricane, but restoration companies are there to save the day.

3.    Floods

The lack of topographic relief throughout the Tampa Bay area makes it prone to flooding year-round, especially when rainfall and severe storms come rolling in. Since water has a hard time draining, it often floods through the city and can wreak havoc on any homes in its way.

If any of this water finds its way into your home, it could damage the structure of your home and any valuable belongings you own. In fact, as much as one inch of water throughout the home can cause damage and result in needing a water damage restoration service in Tampa, FL.

4.    Severe Storms

One of the things Florida is known for is having a high amount of lightning strikes throughout the entire state. Each bolt of lightning is hot and can easily start a fire, no matter where it strikes. To make matters worse, lightning is usually met with thunderstorms, wind, and heavy rainfall.

It doesn’t matter what type of severe storm you’re stuck in, the amount of damage can be insurmountable at times. If you’re not properly prepared for these incidents, your home can suffer and you could be left contacting a local restoration company to restore your home.

5.    Wildfires

Speaking of lightning, it’s very common for a single bolt of lightning to strike and cause a wildfire. In fact, wildfire season usually runs from the beginning of Spring to the end of Summer, which is when lightning and hot weather are at its peak. Especially during a drought, fires are inevitable.

In some cases, these fires can grow out of control and spread to the home. Though this is the worst case scenario, it’s something homeowners need to be prepared for. Fire damage can be difficult to stomach, but your local restoration company can help return the home to normalcy.

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