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Understanding Water, Fire & Mold Damage Restoration Processes

What Is Large Loss & How Can DriRite Help?

Property damage is something no homeowner or business owner wants to be surprised with. Unfortunately, it’s an inevitable occurrence for anyone that owns property — especially when you live or work in Tampa, FL. You never truly know what will go wrong or when disaster will strike.

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How to Hire the Right Restoration Company in Tampa

Property damage is a common occurrence in Tampa, FL. You never truly know what might happen and there’s no way of knowing how bad the damage might get. Between water damage, fire damage, mold damage, and flood damage, your home and business is always at risk.

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Fire Restoration in Tampa

Having a fire in your home is completely devastating. Personal treasures such as wedding albums and family heirlooms can be lost forever. No amount of money can replace those items. To make matters worse, anything the fire does not destroy is consumed with the smell of smoke. This can be a very difficult time for a family. Not only do they need to find temporary housing, but they basically need to start from scratch! The things we take for granted every day, such as reaching under the cabinet to grab a pot to start dinner, going into our dresser to find something to wear, or just grabbing our favorite book to read before bed may now be temporarily impossible.

Fortunately, living like that is just temporary. How temporary depends on a few factors such as:

How fast can you perform the Fire Restoration?

1)      Was the fire isolated to one room or area?

2)      How quickly was the fire extinguished?

3)      Were firefighters needed to put the fire out? This can cause secondary damages like                    flooding

4)      What type of fire was it? Grease fire, electrical fire, etc

5)      Was the A/C running?

6)      How fast can the company you hire repair your fire damage? Always ask for references!!

Fire Restoration Contractors in Tampa

When performing bids for fire restoration we always tell our clients to ask for references from each company that comes out to bid. In this day and time, it seems like more and more companies over promise and under deliver. Make sure you ask the references if the work was completed on time and if all the subcontractors were paid. The last thing you need is a subcontractor liening your restored home because the contractor never paid him!

Performing a fire or smoke restoration can take a few days or a few weeks depending on the scope of the project. We just recently completed a kitchen fire restoration in Tampa within three weeks. This included cleaning all the contents in the home from smoke damage, ordering two new kitchen appliances, ordering and installing new custom kitchen cabinets, painting a few of the rooms, and installing new carpet.

Every fire restoration is different. I sincerely hope that you never experience a fire in your home. If you do, we are here for you. We perform fire cleanup and fire restoration in Tampa and the surrounding counties. Give us a call and we can come out and give you a free estimate to repair and restore your home after fire or smoke damage.

The Difference Between Flood Insurance And Homeowners Insurance

When it comes to your homeowners policy, you should always make sure you know the details of what is covered in the event of a flood. Most insurance providers have separate policies for “rising water”. Read more about what the difference in flood insurance and homeowners insurance really is to a insurance company.

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Moisture Detection. Why It’s Important.


Hope everyone had a happy Holiday season! We want to talk today about when your property has a leak or moisture problem, one of the first steps is finding out where the water is originating from. If the source of water intrusion has not been stopped or controlled, then, if possible, reasonable steps may be taken to do so. If efforts to stop or control the water intrusion are unsuccessful, then Dririte will make a decision to continue those efforts or stop the project. After the water source has been controlled, surface water can be removed to gain control of the situation. Read More »

Sewage Cleanup in Tampa

We recently responded to a business in Tampa that needed sewage clean up. Someone had flushed something down the toilet that didn’t belong there and it caused major issues inside this business. The toilet started overflowing with raw sewage and didn’t stop until it had flooded about three thousand square feet of carpet and tile. You can’t imagine the smell coming out of this business. This happened on a Friday afternoon (thankfully) and they wanted to be re-opening for business on Monday. That’s a challenge!

Cleaning up Sewage Damage

Please do not try to clean up sewage damage unless you know what you’re doing. Sewage damage is classified Category 3 water, the worst type according to the IICRC. This type of water can carry diseases. This type of water can cause serious illness and even death! Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment when cleaning up sewage water. For instance, our employees were fitted with full face respirators, Tyvek suits, goggles, gloves, and rubber boots. Any porous items that sewage water touches must be disposed of if it cannot be cleaned sufficiently (this can be complicated, call us with any specific questions). Non-porous items may be cleaned with the appropriate cleaning techniques. If sewage water touches your carpet, your carpet and padding must be disposed of. No cleaning will adequately disinfect it! As strange as it sounds, drywall must be cut out and thrown away also. Why is this? Drywall is porous and will thus be contaminated and there is no way to clean behind the drywall where the sewage water might be trapped.

Successful Sewage Cleanup

This client had a goal; he wanted to be back in business by Monday morning. We brought in crews to fine clean all the non-porous sewage damaged items. We placed equipment to dry out the wood studs and clean the air. We had a hygienist test before he reopened to make sure there were no bacteria left. The project went well and the client was very happy to be back in business so quickly. Sewage cleanup is a gross, disgusting, and potentially life threatening job that is best left to the experts. If you have a sewage cleanup in Tampa give us a call. Even if you just have some questions, we can help. We have trained technicians that answer the phones 24 hours a day. We’ve performed hundreds of sewage clean ups through the years, we’re here to help if you need us!

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