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Get Up Close and Personal with Wildlife in Tampa

If you are new to Tampa or just visiting, you are in for a treat. In addition to the natural beauty of the area, Tampa residents and guests have many different opportunities to get up close and personal with wildlife in Tampa.

According to the Tampa Bay Estuary Program, “A spectacular variety of wildlife lives in, above and beside Tampa Bay – from the familiar brown pelican to the secretive diamondback terrapin to the magnificent tarpon, a premier gamefish.” You can see a huge variety of birds, manatees, dolphins, sea turtles, as well as farm animals and zoo animals, in Tampa.

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This is How Tampa Will Look in Ten Years

A lot can happen in ten years. For those who have called the Tampa Bay area home for the last ten years have already seen the major growth taking place. We’ve watched our downtown rise, and then the recession flood damage in Tampa that caused it to take a long pause, and now are watching it rise again. We enjoyed sampling from the numerous restaurants and food trucks that have turned Tampa into a foodie town.

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10 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Tampa

Whether you are one of the 392,890 residents who call Tampa home or one of the 500,000 international visitors to Tampa each year, there are likely still some things you most likely don’t know about Tampa. You likely know all about our beautiful beaches and our theme parks, but did you know that Tampa has a rich and vibrant history?

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10 Moments to Remember from Tampa from the 2000s

The Tampa Bay area has a deep and exciting history. From pirates to the mafia, our city is full of legends. But beyond even the most popular haunted stories, there are plenty of things that have happened in Tampa that residents remember either fondly or with trepidation. By narrowing down our focus to the 2000s, we’ve identified ten of the moments that residents are most likely to remember from Tampa.

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In Ten Minutes, I’ll Give You the Truth About Water Damage

Did you know “14,000 people in the US experience a water damage emergency at home or work each day”? Roofs leak, pipes burst, and homes are flooded. Unfortunately, water damage emergencies can happen anytime, day or night. The results are costly and can be catastrophic if not handled correctly.

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A Guide to Finding a Restoration Company in Tampa

While we hope you never have to deal with the aftermath of a disaster like a flood or fire, these things do happen. And, when they do, they are costly. According to Forbes, “fires cost homeowners the most, with $6.3 billion in damages between 2015 and 2017 alone. Flooding cost homeowners about $5.1 billion in that time, while hurricanes and tornadoes racked up $4.5 billion in damages.”

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The 10 Reasons Tourists Love Tampa

Tourists flock to Tampa year after year – even hurricane damage in Tampa Florida doesn’t stop tourists from visiting the fun and beachy Golf Coast destination. According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, “Despite being hammered by Hurricane Irma last fall, Florida set another tourism record in 2017 with 116.5 million visitors, and Tampa and St. Pete showed big increases in several areas.”

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Health Effects Of Mold

Mold spores can easily be breathed into the lungs. Exposure to mold can cause cold-like symptoms and can trigger asthma attacks. It is not safe to live in a home with high levels of mold in the air. Lengthy or repeated exposure to high levels of mold can also be harmful to health and may cause development of an allergy to mold. Allergic reaction to mold spores can occur even when the mold is dead. Mold must be removed to be safe.

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Sewage Cleanup in Tampa

We recently responded to a business in Tampa that needed sewage clean up. Someone had flushed something down the toilet that didn’t belong there and it caused major issues inside this business. The toilet started overflowing with raw sewage and didn’t stop until it had flooded about three thousand square feet of carpet and tile. You can’t imagine the smell coming out of this business. This happened on a Friday afternoon (thankfully) and they wanted to be re-opening for business on Monday. That’s a challenge!

Cleaning up Sewage Damage

Please do not try to clean up sewage damage unless you know what you’re doing. Sewage damage is classified Category 3 water, the worst type according to the IICRC. This type of water can carry diseases. This type of water can cause serious illness and even death! Always wear appropriate personal protective equipment when cleaning up sewage water. For instance, our employees were fitted with full face respirators, Tyvek suits, goggles, gloves, and rubber boots. Any porous items that sewage water touches must be disposed of if it cannot be cleaned sufficiently (this can be complicated, call us with any specific questions). Non-porous items may be cleaned with the appropriate cleaning techniques. If sewage water touches your carpet, your carpet and padding must be disposed of. No cleaning will adequately disinfect it! As strange as it sounds, drywall must be cut out and thrown away also. Why is this? Drywall is porous and will thus be contaminated and there is no way to clean behind the drywall where the sewage water might be trapped.

Successful Sewage Cleanup

This client had a goal; he wanted to be back in business by Monday morning. We brought in crews to fine clean all the non-porous sewage damaged items. We placed equipment to dry out the wood studs and clean the air. We had a hygienist test before he reopened to make sure there were no bacteria left. The project went well and the client was very happy to be back in business so quickly. Sewage cleanup is a gross, disgusting, and potentially life threatening job that is best left to the experts. If you have a sewage cleanup in Tampa give us a call. Even if you just have some questions, we can help. We have trained technicians that answer the phones 24 hours a day. We’ve performed hundreds of sewage clean ups through the years, we’re here to help if you need us!

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