Does Insurance Cover Mold

This question comes up alot from our homeowner clients. The answer actually depends on the cause of the mold problem. The only way insurance covers mold related issues is if the source of the moisture that accelerated the microbial growth was from a man-made source.


If the mold growth was caused by a burst pipe of some other type of one time water leak, in most cases it will be covered by insurance.


If the mold growth occurrence is due to gradual deterioration over time, it may be determined that the problem should have been addressed previously, and your insurer will not cover it.


If the cause is flooding from an outside lake or river, homeowner insurance will not cover it unless you purchased special flood insurance from the National Flood Insurance Program.

DRIRITE of Tampa has expert employees on hand to help determine the source of the moisture. In many instances, we have had clients think their mold problem would not be covered, when in fact it was. The key is to get a professional on-site to determine the source and file a written report with your insurance company.

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