Don’t Always Trust Your Maintenace Man

A condo tenant in Tampa has a unit that he rents out during the “season” to help pay his mortgage and insurance expenses. Last month his renter called him to say that the cold water supply hose on the washing machine burst during the night. Before he could wake up, find the main water shut off and stop the flooding there was 1 inch of water in the hallway to the front door, the kitchen and guest bathroom were flooded and water was beginning to soak the living room and guest bedroom carpets.
The owner had the condominium maintenance man pull out as much water as he could with a wet/dry vacuum, open the windows and run the ceiling fans to encourage the unit to dry out. This time of year the humidity is low and there was a nice breeze with temps in the mid 70’s during the day. At the end of the next day the carpets felt almost dry and all the tiled flooring looked as if nothing had ever happened. The renter went home the following Sunday.

The condo sat empty for two weeks before the next renter was scheduled to arrive and when he did arrive the owner got this call. “The condo smells really musty and the walls are black just above the baseboard”. The renter checked into a local motel and the condo owner called Dririte of Tampa.

We removed all the mold affected materials in a containment, made sure the structure was completely dry, cleaned and treated the structural components behind the walls and rebuilt the areas where building materials were removed. We decided to then arrange for a Certified Indoor Environmentalist to perform an air  test to document that the condo had no mold growing inside.

What Happened here?

The original water damage was never properly dried out. Mold spores are present in the air inside our homes and in the outside air all the time. All that is needed for mold to begin to grow in your home is a water source. The food mold likes is cellulose. Cellulose includes the paper on your drywall and wood molding, trim and cabinets. If any of these materials stay wet for more than 3 days mold can begin to grow. The number one rule in the water damage business is to get it completely dry quickly. No moisture, no mold growth.

So…given that the flooding happened, what action should have been taken to lessen the expense and shorten the time to get this property back in rentable condition? Being prepared is the key. Know if you ever have a water loss, it needs to be PROPERLY dried out and constantly monitored for moisture changes.

Being Prepared For Water Damage

A Second Scenario:

Another condominium owner in Tampa has a unit that he rents out during the “season”, just like the first, to help pay his mortgage and insurance expenses. The same situation happens with the water supply line to the washer.

Instead of just calling the maintenance man to get the issue resolved, he decides to call Dririte of Tampa. Dririte is on call and able to respond 24 hours a day within an hour. We can provide free mold inspections and give free estimates.

When Dririte of Tampa receives the call and responds to the flood within an hour, our technicians extract all the water from the carpets and set up proper drying equipment. The key is that your floor molding may need to be removed to insure that the drywall behind dries properly. Our technicians constantly monitor and adjust the drying process as the unit dries out. Typically 3-4 days later the unit is completely dry. The base is reinstalled and the condo unit is ready for the next renter.

The cost for drying this properly is less than half of the cost of the first scenario and the condo unit has minimal down time and in this case no loss of rental income.

Be smart and choose the Dririte of Tampa to remediate and clean up after any types of loss. We know exactly what to do to minimize your costs and down time. 24 Hours a day, 7 days a week, we’re here to help. Call Dririte of Tampa in your time of need. (813) 283-2202

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