Don’t Delay With Water Damage

Water Damage? Don’t Delay.

Mitigation procedures should begin as soon as safely possible following the initial moisture intrusion. If building materials and structural assemblies are exposed to water and water vapor for extended periods, moisture penetrates into them more deeply. Materials that absorb water slowly tend to release it slowly. The more water they absorb, the more time, effort and expense is required to dry them. With extended exposure to moisture, some materials undergo permanent damage that could have been partially or completely prevented with a more rapid response.

Mold Will Grow

In addition, in most environments the extended presence of water or excessive humidity can lead to microbial germination, growth and amplification that can cause general deterioration of environmental conditions over time, potentially leading to significant health and safety hazards for workers and occupants. If sufficient time elapses, Category 1 water can deteriorate to Category 2 or 3 water, requiring that more elaborate procedures (discussed below) be followed. For these reasons, rapid response translates directly into less time, expense and effort being required to bring structure and contents to acceptable drying goals.

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