Don’t Let Mold Take Over

Don’t Let Mold Take Over Your Home

Mold and moisture go hand in hand. Whenever you have an abundance of moisture, mold is sure to develop. Add humidity to the mix and you’ve a quick cocktail for growth that if left unchecked can quickly take over your home. In Florida moisture and humidity are both as common as sunny days and oranges.

There are ways to keep mold from taking over.

  • If you have any leaking plumbing fixtures in your home, getting them fixed as quickly as possible can help curb potential mold issues.
  • Standing water and flooding can also help them spring up. Use a good home dehumidifier to remove excessive moisture from the air. The ideal humidity level should be between 40% to 60%.
  • Use fans or vents in your kitchen and bathrooms to quickly push excess moisture in the air to the outside.

Molds spread by releasing tiny spores into the air. When these land in a moist and inviting area, they begin naturally breaking down the materials they are on. Nature’s unpopular clean up crew, they have been around for millions of years and are extremely vital to maintaining healthy ecosystems in nature.

Still, in your home they can be anything from an annoyance to extremely hazardous. They can decay everything from wood to carpet. If they grow numerous before detection, great care should be taken during clean-up as disturbing already established areas could release spores to re-populate after cleaning is completed, beginning the whole process over again.

Also, some individuals can be very sensitive to molds and should avoid breathing them if possible. These people can suffer from breathing issues, eye irritation, congestion and skin irritation. Some may even have severe allergic reactions.

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