Fire Damage Restoration Involves More Than a Simple Cleanup

Fires are devastating. No one wants to see their home in flames, but it happens. According to the National Fire Protection Association, “US fire departments responded to an estimated average of 354,400 home structure fires per year […] and $6.9 billion in direct property damage.”

Not only can fires result in catastrophic damage, but even small fires result in significant damage. Fire damage restoration involves much more than a simple cleanup. For example, houses typically get wet during firefighting efforts, which results in water damage. In addition to fire damage to possessions and the home’s structure, homeowners also have to battle smoke damage.

To put it simply, fire restoration in Tampa is not a do-it-yourself situation. If your home is damaged by a fire, then you need fire damage professionals who will make sure to address all potential damage to ensure your home is restored to its pre-loss condition.

Odors Won’t Just Go Away

Some people mistakenly believe that you can get rid of lingering smells by simply airing out your house. While this may work with certain odors, it absolutely will not work for the smoky odors left behind after a fire event. And even if you are someone who enjoys the smell of a bonfire, you don’t want to live in a house that smells like that all day every day. In order to get rid of lingering odors, you need the help of a professional restoration company that will clean and deodorize your home according to industry standards.

Soot Can Get Everywhere

In addition to seeing fire damage on the walls and ceiling, there will also be hidden damage caused by soot. Soot is made of really small particles that float through the air and make their way on to and in between every surface. It gets into light fixtures and as well as hidden crevices. The problem is that the remaining soot is potential fire hazard. Soot can also lead to bigger problems long term if it is not removed, such as having to replace structures rather than restoring them.

Fire Damage Also Means Water Damage

As we mentioned earlier, fire damage rarely occurs without water damage repair in Tampa. Water is needed to put out the flames, but this means afterward, the homeowner is dealing with both fire damage and water damage. When a home experiences water damage, there is only a short period of time to remove the excess water before mold begins to grow. If water saturates items in the home and is not extracted, not only is there potential for mold growth, but there is also even more danger to the overall structural integrity of a home. Thankfully, Dririte offers water damage restoration citizens need.

Most Cleaning Items are Flammable

A major reason why homeowners should leave the fire damage to the professionals is that the cleanup process is dangerous. Most of the standard cleaning supplies people have in their supply closets are flammable, which means they should not be used for cleaning up after fires. If you experience fire damage in Tampa Florida, don’t risk your life with the cleanup. Call a professional restoration company who has the knowledge, experience, and proper cleaning supplies and tools to get the job done.

Stains and Discoloration are Common

If you do not have your home cleaned and restored properly after a fire event, the lingering soot and smoke will lead to stains and coloration. And this happens quickly! The discoloration will be obvious on walls and ceilings, but it will even be apparent on wood or vinyl surfaces.

Lingering Smoke Damage is Bad for Your Health

If fire damage is not removed carefully, then it is also a health risk. The lingering smoke damage and soot particles can lead to minor health issues, such as runny noses. But it can also lead to more serious health issues, like upper respiratory problems and a weakened immune system. Attempting to clean up after a fire yourself is not worth compromising your health.

Homes Can Go from Restorable to Unsalvageable in a Matter of Days

Fires can happen at any time and in any place. Unfortunately, when a fire occurs, you need help right away. But your help shouldn’t stop once the firefighters put out the flames. Restoration companies specializing in the fire damage Sarasota residents need are available 24/7. This is because their job starts as soon as the fire is put out. The longer you wait to begin the fire restoration process, the harder it will be to restore your home to its pre-loss condition. Sadly, if you wait too long, your home can go from restorable to unsalvageable in a matter of days as the structure gets weaker and weaker.

Dririte Offers Fire Restoration Tampa Residents Can Trust

While you never want to go through a fire event, it is helpful to know there is a trusted restoration company nearby that has provided great service to our neighbors, quality care  and restoration to Tampa Bay properties since 1981. When a crisis happens, we are only a phone call away, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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