How Can You Prepare Your Home for Flood Season in Tampa?

Did you know that Tampa Bay ranks seventh in the United States when it comes to cities with the most total properties at risk of flood? The only cities with more properties at risk, according to the First Street Foundation, are New Orleans, New York, Houston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Cape Coral.

The 43,111 Tampa Bay properties at substantial risk make up 32% of the properties in the city — a number that ranks second in the nation behind Cape Coral.

When it comes to natural disasters in Tampa Bay, floods are the most consistent cause for concern for residents. They can occur at any moment and there’s no telling just how destructive they’ll get. Once it happens, however, homeowners aren’t given much time to adapt.

With that being said, it’s essential every homeowner understands how to prepare for a flood — especially in cities where floods are frequent. It’s also important to know the best flood damage restoration companies Tampa has to offer, just in case you need professional help when dealing with the mess.

If you live in one of these cities, we have some tips to help you prepare for flood season because keeping your family and belongings safe are top priority.

Preparing for Flood Season

Due to the frequent rain storms Tampa receives and lack of topographic relief throughout the city, localized flooding is a constant threat. Not only do these floods cause water damage inside and outside the home, but they can pose a threat to personal safety depending on the magnitude of the flood.

If you’ve recently been told to go under flood watch or are expecting some heavy rainfall in your area in the coming weeks, there are a lot of things you can do to prepare your home and family for whatever might happen. Preparation is the key to success when dealing with any natural event or disaster.

Here are our top tips when preparing your home for flood season:

  1. Pay attention to flood warnings and make sure you understand the forecast for the week.
  2. Depending on the predicted flood levels, make sure all electrical components are raised or elevated out of the way.
  3. Waterproofing your basement and adding a sump pump can relieve some of the water damage that might occur.
  4. Have a backup battery or generator in case the power goes out during a flood.
  5. If you own valuable furniture or other belongings, move them to a safe place until you’re safe from a flood warning.
  6. Always go over your emergency plan with the rest of the household members and have an emergency kit packed safely just in case.
  7. Flood insurance is a necessity if you are in a flood zone.
  8. If you’re asked to evacuate your home, do what you can to clean out your fridge, turn off the power to the home, and prepare to potentially be gone for a while.
  9. After a flood, be aware of possible contaminated water and listen to what the authorities are telling residents about drinking water and touching water.
  10. If you need assistance staying organized, consider making a checklist of things you need to do before a flood. Use this as your lifeline when preparing for a flood.

If you find yourself on the road during a flood, never attempt to drive down a flooded street. It’s dangerous and isn’t worth the possible negative outcome. Find another route and get somewhere safe because you don’t want to risk anything.

At the end of the day, do whatever is going to keep your family safe. They’re what’s most important and nothing is worth risking anyone getting hurt over.

Restoring Damaged Belongings

Floods are brutal and leave behind quite the mess. Due to the dangers of contaminated water, making things worse, and throwing something away that can be restored, it’s always best to have a professional look at the flood damage Tampa residents have faced. They’ll be able to make the proper suggestions moving forward.

Since Tampa is so prone to floods every year, it’s a good idea to build a relationship with the best flood damage cleanup Tampa has to offer. It’ll be a relationship you’re glad to have as a homeowner when things go South during a flood.

When looking for flood damage repair Tampa Bay residents know and trust, contact DriRite to be matched with a trusted professional in your area. We can’t wait to assist you with your flood damage and will do our best to get your home back to the way it was.

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