HVAC Systems After A Flood

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems can be contaminated directly by water damage. Air conditioning systems can also be contaminated prior to contact with water. If the heating and air conditioning system was running while the property was contaminated with Category 2 or 3 water, it can spread many other contaminants to other areas of the property that were not directly affected by the water damage.

Safety First:

All work that Dririte of Tampa performs is in accordance with applicable safety and health regulations, and in compliance with applicable licensing requirements. There are many hazards when working with Heating and AC systems such as electrical shock hazards, equipment damage or the spread of airborne microbial contaminants.

Crawlspace or Basement?

If there is a crawlspace below your property or damage did occur on a higher than ground floor, chances are there are floor vents that need to be inspected and cleaned or replaced. Dririte of Tampa always properly inspects ducts in these instances.

Was The HVAC Ductwork affected by water damage?

When ductwork is affected, we evaluate it for standing water and possible contamination, and make a reasonable attempt to locate and remove standing water from the duct system as soon as possible. In some cases, ductwork and HVAC mechanical components can require complete disassembly by a qualified contractor for total restoration, particularly where electrical hazards exist.

We follow the standards that any insulated ductwork saturated with water regardless of Category should be removed. When contaminated with Category 2 or 3 water, ductwork with an interior sound/insulation liner, plastic flexduct and coated fiberboard ducting should be replaced. Contaminated sheet metal ducting can be restorable if disassembly, cleaning and decontamination are practical.

Continuous Inspection:

Interior duct surfaces in the area of the moisture intrusion is always inspected before, during, and after the remediation process.

Let the professionals help:

So if you’ve had water damage, save yourself thousands of dollars by letting Dririte professionally inspect and report the water damage done to your HVAC ductwork or vents. Call us 24 hours a day @ (813) 283-2202

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