In Ten Minutes, I’ll Give You the Truth About Water Damage

Did you know “14,000 people in the US experience a water damage emergency at home or work each day”? Roofs leak, pipes burst, and homes are flooded. Unfortunately, water damage emergencies can happen anytime, day or night. The results are costly and can be catastrophic if not handled correctly.

Fortunately, mold remediation companies in Tampa, like Dririte, have all the tools and experience necessary to help water damaged homes get back to their pre-loss conditions as quickly as possible.

You’ve Got a Very Short Amount of Time Before the Damage is Irreversible

After a water event, you have very little time before damage becomes even more costly and possibly irreversible. You only have 24-48 hours to get the home dried out before mold and mildew begin growing. Additionally, the longer the water sits in the home, the harder it will be to remove water stains. Plus, the longer the home is saturated, the more the overall structure will weaken.

The Water Can Be Electrically Charged

Water and electricity do not mix. If water reaches your electrical outlets or power cords, it is possible for the water to hold an electrical charge! Therefore, it is critical to turn off the electricity as soon as possible. If safety is a concern, contact your utility company and ask them to turn off the electricity at your home.

The Type of Water Determines the Type of Water Damage Repair Tampa Residents Need

Water damage happens in a number of different ways, but what you may not realize is that the type of water will determine how your water damage is repaired and your property is restored. For example, freshwater and sewage water are handled very differently. Restoration companies and plumbers separate water types into clean water, grey water, and black water.

Clean water refers to water without contamination that may come from an overflowing tub. Grey water may have contaminants that could result in illness. And, black water is contaminated and unsanitary – think sewage water. Understandably, sewage water damage will involve additional sanitation processes.

Mold Follows Water Damage

Unfortunately, a homeowner’s problems do not simply end after the water is extracted, and the home is dried out. Typically, mold follows a water event, and mold in a home is unsafe and unhealthy. Therefore, you will likely also need to hire a mold removal in Riverview FL company to address this issue, as well.

Moisture Accumulates in Places You May Not Look

Again, mold tends to follow water events. But, what you may not realize is that moisture has a tendency to accumulate in places you may not look. As a result, you may have mold growing in unknown places in your home. For example, moisture may be trapped in the walls and under your floors or in your crawlspaces. This is why it is absolutely necessary to choose a mold removal in Tampa FL company like Dririte, who has the tools necessary for water extraction for these hard to reach places.

Different Materials Require Different Restoration Processes

If you think all you need to do after a water event is to dry things out, you will be surprised to learn that different materials require different restoration processes. Carpeting and hardwood require different drying techniques. Likewise, upholstery and personal items require separate restoration processes. It is not as simple as opening the windows and drying out the house.

Excess Water Can Damage a Property’s Structure

The longer a home stays wet or moist after a water event, the more likely the overall structural integrity will be compromised. For example, excess water will cause the drywall to weaken and soften. Additionally, if your home has experienced a flood event, the water can also do significant damage to your home’s foundation.

Your Homeowner’s Insurance May Not Cover the Damage

Speaking of flood damage cleanup Tampa residents may deal with one day, it is important to recognize that water damage is treated differently depending on the type of the event. Generally, water damage caused by flooding from a storm or natural disaster is NOT covered by homeowner’s insurance. Instead, if homeowners live in flood zones or areas where flooding is possible, it is wise to purchase additional flood insurance.

Additionally, some homeowner’s insurance will not cover water damage that appears to be the result of gradual issues that regular maintenance would have prevented, such as a longtime leaking roof that suddenly caves in.

Small Leaks Become Big Problems

Moreover, while you cannot always prevent water damage due to sudden, unexpected events, there are some ways you can prepare your home in advance. By practicing regular maintenance, such as checking your roof and your pipes for leaks, you can possibly prevent a significant water event.

Don’t put off repairing small leaks! As the Detroit Free Press explains, “An eighth of an inch may not sound massive, but a crack that size in a water supply pipe can rack up massive repair bills in a hurry. As much as 250 gallons can leak out in a day’s time!”

Why Dririte is the Premier Restoration Company in the Tampa Bay Area

If you do experience an event that causes water damage, call the professionals at Dririte right away! For over thirty years, this restoration company has been specializing in water damage and mold remediation around the Tampa area. They have the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary for restoring homes after a major water event, including the most advanced structural drying equipment and high-end desiccant dehumidification tools. Plus, they use a special infrared imaging camera to make sure the drying process is effective!

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