Indoor Air Quality under Attack!

Rep. David McKinley has said to Congress that Indoor Air Quality can be up to 96 times more harmful to a person’s health than outdoor air.How can this be possible? Because many of the items we have in our homes emit dangerous fumes such as formaldehyde!

Do you know the levels of gases that are being emitted from your furniture? Rep. McKinley wants to create legislation that requires manufacturers to place a sticker on each item that emits dangerous fumes.

It seems there are more people than ever becoming sick because of the air quality in their home or place of work. Part of the reason why is because homes and businesses are built so quickly that some of the building materials do not have time to dry properly. With some of the materials still wet, and because buildings are now built much “tighter” than they used to be, it can create problems inside the newly renovated/built structure.

Symptoms of a problem within your home or work may be a persistent irritation of your eyes or throat, skin irritation, and odor and taste changes or sensations.  Many times multiple people will have the same symptoms. If you have any of these symptoms, seek the advice of your doctor and an Indoor Air Quality Professional. An Indoor Air Quality Professional can oftentimes track down the source of the problem and help you find a way to eliminate it.

If you are experiencing symptoms, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

1)      Do my symptoms get better when I leave the home/building?

2)      Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

3)      Is there anything noticeably wrong? Do you see mildew/mold or heavy amounts of dust?

4)      Have you purchased a new piece of furniture? Are you spending large amounts of time near it? Perhaps it’s emitting a large amount of formaldehyde!

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