Preventing Fire Damage in Tampa Throughout the Holiday Season

The holiday season is full of joy, cheer, and time spent with loved ones. Many people consider this their favorite time of the year and can’t wait to indulge themselves in the holiday traditions we’ve grown to love so dearly. It’s what makes this time of the year so magical.

As magical as it is, it’s also a time of extreme stress, frustration, and chaos as homeowners all over the world struggle to maintain a safe environment for their families. People are cooking and baking more frequently, candles and fireplaces are utilized, Christmas trees are decorated, and Christmas lights are put up.

These are all things most families can’t avoid during the holidays. We can’t have Christmas without a tree, candles are too popular, fireplaces are the only source of heat for some, Christmas lights are an annual tradition, and you can’t have Thanksgiving or Christmas without a home-cooked feast.

While avoiding these things is out of the question for most homeowners, it doesn’t mean they need to pose a threat to your home or your loved ones. There are a wide range of things you can do daily to ensure your home remains free of fire damage this holiday season.

Let’s look at some of our most prominent tips when avoiding fire damage during the months of November, December, and January.

1. Pay Attention When Baking & Cooking

Kitchen fires are one of the most common types of fires that occur daily throughout the year, but they increase dramatically around the holiday season. People are either in a rush when cooking their holiday feast or are cooking at high volumes. Either way, you need to take extra precaution.

That means ensuring your smoke alarm is working properly, wearing the proper clothing while cooking, checking your food regularly, not leaving your food unattended, keeping the kids or pets away from the cooking area, and cleaning your appliances frequently.

2. Care for Your Christmas Tree Properly

Can you imagine a holiday season without holiday decorations? It’s something many families look forward to every year with their Christmas lights and Christmas tree. While there’s nothing wrong with these decorations, staying safe is highly important.

Believe it or not, Christmas trees are one of the most common causes of house fires during December and January. Not only do the lights pose a threat when they get hot, but many Christmas trees are located near a fireplace or a candle. It doesn’t take much before the tree is engulfed in flames.

Don’t keep your Christmas tree lights on all-day long and make sure you inspect your lights before hanging them — that way you can confirm they’re working properly. .

3. Ensure Safety When Lighting Candles & Fireplaces

We briefly mentioned the dangers of fireplaces and candles above, but these types of fires are so common during the holidays that it deserves its own section. Anytime you introduce a candle to a room or light your fireplace, you should be aware of the potential dangers that come with it.

Whether there’s a Christmas tree nearby or not, you should never leave a fireplace or candle lit unattended in a room. Your fireplace should have a screen protector and your candles should sit on a non-flammable surface.

Are You Prepared for Fire Damage?

There’s a lot you can do to prevent fire damage this holiday season, but even the most effective tips can’t stop a freak accident from happening. Sometimes life throws us a curve-ball and we’re forced to adapt. That’s where DriRite comes in to save the day.

If you experience fire damage this holiday season, don’t panic. We’re experts at restoring fire damage Tampa residents never saw coming. We understand how stressful this can be for you and your family, which is why we stay dedicated to restoring your home back to its original state.

When looking for fire restoration Tampa residents know and trust, look no further than DriRite. Contact us today and we’ll send one of our highly-trained professionals out to your residence for a free estimate. With our help, it’ll look like a fire never occurred in the first place.

While Tampa residents don’t get any snow during the winter, there’s still a chance of rain. With everyone focused on their holiday shopping and cooking, it’s important you keep your home free of water damage just as much as fire damage.

Don’t worry, we also offer the best water damage repair Tampa has to offer — so we’re prepared to satisfy all your needs this holiday season. Even if the water damage gets worse and you require mold removal in Tampa FL, we’ve got you covered.

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