Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Smoke Inside the Home

Tobacco has been lingering around for thousands of years. No matter how many anti-tobacco ads are seen worldwide or how much we discourage the act of smoking, tobacco is something that never seems to truly vanish. At this point, it’s pretty clear that tobacco isn’t going anywhere.

There used to be a time when smoking tobacco was allowed everywhere. It was allowed in the workplace, school buildings, bars, restaurants, public transportation, hospitals, and even on the airplane. It was a regular and normal activity for people above the age of 16 or 18 years old.

Of course, a majority of these public places don’t allow this anymore — and for good reason! Not only do we better understand the dangers of smoking tobacco today, but we don’t want others to feel uncomfortable when visiting these public places. Still, it’s not a normal practice in the home.

Why Shouldn’t you Smoke Inside the Home?

Nearly 14% of all Americans in the United States currently smoke tobacco on a daily basis — that’s nearly 34 million people. Despite the known dangers, many of these people won’t take their tobacco use outside and instead elect to smoke their cigarettes inside the home.

This can cause a wide range of issues, whether or not a family member or child is present at the time of smoking. In fact, there are three major reasons why everyone should avoid smoking inside the home — second-hand smoke, third-hand smoke, and the potential for fire danger.

If you’ve recently experienced fire damage, contact one of the best restoration companies Tampa has to offer. With that said, let’s take a closer look at those three reasons and why they pose a danger to you, your family, your friends, and your valuable home:

1.    Second-Hand Smoke

Most of us have heard of second-hand smoke before. It’s the smoke that’s exhaled out of the mouth after taking a puff of a cigarette. It also consists of the smoke that’s emitted from the lit end of the cigarette as you smoke. Despite what many think, second-hand smoke is dangerous.

While this type of smoke can cause cancer if inhaled by individuals that breathe it in — even if it’s by accident — that doesn’t even begin to describe the dangers of second-hand smoke. Once mixed with the air we breathe in, second-hand smoke easily lingers and travels inside the home.

When you smoke in the living room, this second-hand smoke not only lingers in the living room, but it travels and lingers into every other room in the house. Eventually, your family members, friends, and children will breathe it in. When this happens, their health is at risk, just like yours.

2.    Third-Hand Smoke

While most of us have heard of second-hand smoke, many of us have never heard of third-hand smoke. It’s a lesser-known term with tobacco smoke, but it’s just as dangerous. Third-hand smoke refers to second-hand smoke that undergoes physical and chemical changes over time.

This generally takes a few hours to develop. Once developed, third-hand smoke forms a reservoir of poisons that seeps into the carpet, upholstery, clothes, and walls of the home. It can persist in a smoker’s home for months and can accumulate over time if not cleaned daily.

Believe it or not, third-hand smoke is just as dangerous to the body as second-hand or first-hand smoke. Not only that, but it ruins the interior of your home and takes away from the appearance of your once-beautiful home — especially when not maintained consistently over time.

3.    Fire Danger

Of course, we can’t talk about the dangers of smoking inside the home without mentioning the potential for fire danger. Not only does smoking require fire to light the end of a cigarette or tobacco pipe, but the lit end of the cigarette can start a fire if not put out in a proper manner.

In fact, smoking inside the home is one of the leading causes of house fires — as well as fire damage. Anytime you’re dealing with fire damage, Tampa residents are sure to see their valuable belongings ruined and their physical health threatened. That’s the last thing you want!

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