The Importance Of Documentation When You Have Mold

It is a seller’s responsibility to disclose problems with a home at the time of sale. For a mold problem you must have documentation that the mold growth was properly and completely removed. This documentation can be a paid invoice from a certified Mold Remediation Company detailing the protocol or methods used to remove the mold problem or Air testing results from a certified Air Quality laboratory.

When you have mold growth in your home a professional Mold Remediation and Water Damage Restoration Company should be hired to:

1.           Determine where the water entered your home that caused the mold growth. Make sure the source of the intrusion is fixed and that the materials that were wet are now dry. If not then to dry them.

2.           Through inspection and testing determine the extent of the mold growth and what areas are affected and not affected. Protect any non affected areas with containment and negative air flow.

3.           Remove all mold affected materials while protecting the occupants of the home, the workers and the home owner’s possessions.

4.           Clean and sanitize affected surfaces following IICRC S520 guidelines and methods.

If the mold growth is extensive there is a possibility that mold spores are air borne and that the A/C system and ducting may be affected.In this situation air testing is recommended to determine the type of mold and the spore count in the air as compared to the spore count in the outside air and the air in non affected.

The process of remediation includes:

•            Set up containment with negative air pressure.

•            Cap and isolate A/C system from no affected areas.

•            Equip mold removal workers with Personal Protective equipment.

•            Carefully cut out all mold affected materials two feet past visible mold. Follow cuts with HEPA vacuum. Double bag and remove all mold affected materials to outside for disposal.

•            Follow IICRC S520 guidelines or CIE (Certified Indoor Environmentalist) protocol for HEPA vacuuming and wipe down.

•            “SCRUB” the air with a HEPA filtration unit.

•            Air test for final clearance to confirm that all indoor sources of mold spores have been removed.

This is the information that needs to be documented so that a future buyer of your home or property will have no reason to disqualify your property in their selection process.

Look for a Mold Remediation and Water Damage Company that is certified by The Indoor Air Quality Association, (IAQA) and The Institute of Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). This company will train their Technicians and follow the industry guidelines established for the Mold Remediation profession.

The best Mold Remediation Company will offer free inspections and estimates. The estimator will walk you through the process of mold removal and explain why each piece of the process is necessary and the importance of using certified technicians and final clearance air testing.

The best Mold Remediation Company will be an insurance specialist and help you with any insurance claim. Our Estimator or Project Manger will meet with your Insurance company adjuster and advocate for you to insure that your remediation and the rebuild is complete and that your home is restored to its original state.

Hire the best Mold and Water damage company you can find and you will never regret your decision.

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