This is How Tampa Will Look in Ten Years

A lot can happen in ten years. For those who have called the Tampa Bay area home for the last ten years have already seen the major growth taking place. We’ve watched our downtown rise, and then the recession flood damage in Tampa that caused it to take a long pause, and now are watching it rise again. We enjoyed sampling from the numerous restaurants and food trucks that have turned Tampa into a foodie town.

So, just imagine what Tampa will look like in ten years. Thankfully, the City of Tampa has a comprehensive plan for Tampa that extends beyond 2030 to 2040. It is known as Imagine 2040, the Tampa Comprehensive Plan. This comprehensive plan gives us a lot of insight into the changes we can anticipate in this new decade, but we can also make some assumptions based on the city’s current growth.

Consider the Growth Over the Last Ten Years

While we don’t own a magical device that allows us to look into the future, we do have the technology to go back in time. For instance, if you are having a hard time remembering what Tampa looked like ten years, you can check out 10 Years of Change: Google Street Views of Key Spots in Tampa Bay Area. The Tampa Bay area was one of the first areas that appeared on the Google Street View interface, which means street view photos from ten years give us a clear idea of the change that has taken place around the area.

The Water Street Project Boom

Probably the easiest change to predict for Tampa is the Water Street Project. Tampa Magazine explains, “Water Street Tampa, the massive downtown real estate development project led by Strategic Property Partners, a joint venture between Tampa Bay Lightning owner Jeff Vinik and Bill Gates’ Cascade Investment, LLC” is getting the most attention. When you consider the significant amount of money being poured into this project ($3 billion), we should expect to see some significant changes.

Water Street Tampa will connect the Amelie arena, the History Center, and the Riverwalk, as well as become a place for entertainment, dining, apartments, condominiums, and workspaces. Essentially, the goal is to give Tampa a downtown area that is walkable and livable.

Other Major Projects That Will give Tampa a Facelift

Along with the Water Street project, there are several other projects planned for the Tampa Bay area over the next few years, such as Sparkman Wharf, several new public parks, and possibly a new baseball stadium for the Tampa Rays. Additionally, another large development project called Midtown Tampa will house retail, residential, entertainment, and dining options. Plus, by the end of the decade, Tampa residents should see the completion of the Gateway Express and the new St. Pete pier.

Office Construction Means More Jobs

Not only will all the new construction mean more construction jobs, but the fact that planners are strategically building office space will mean more jobs in general. Reports suggest, “Future job growth [in Tampa] over the next ten years is predicted to be 42.7%, which is higher than the US average of 33.5%.” All those office spaces being built are expected to bring in more jobs and more residents.

A More Walkable, Healthier City

Another noticeable difference Tampa residents should expect over the next ten years is a change in the way people get around town. By making the area more walkable, with sidewalks and popular areas connected, more people will be walking to and from more regularly. In turn, the city will become healthier.

A City That Goes Green

Along with making the city healthier by increasing its walkability, the Water Street project will make Tampa the first city in the world that has a WELL Certified district. Urban land explains, “The development is being built according to WELL standards of design, which focus on air and water quality, access to natural light, and the creation spaces that encourage interaction.” When it comes to the air quality testing Tampa in FL developers need, Dririte is prepared to provide the best quality services.

Safer, Sustainable Developments to Protect Against the Water Damage Tampa Fears

Since reports came out that suggested Tampa would be greatly impacted by a direct hurricane hit, the city has made huge efforts to make changes to the city’s infrastructures. Moving forward into the next decade, residents should anticipate seeing project managers considering storm water management and creating more sustainable developments to protect properties and residents.

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Even with all the big changes coming Tampa’s way, it’s good to know there will always be people you can count on. At Dririte, we have helped property owners restore their homes and businesses for over thirty years, and we are committed to continue doing so for the next 10+ years. Our commitment to honest, quality restoration work is not ever going to change.

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