Water Damage Inspection & Reporting

If you’ve had a water damage incident at your home or business, what you may not know is that if improperly dried or cleaned you could be actually damaging your house more day by day. The importance of a proper inspection and report can save you thousands of dollars in hassles and insurance issues.

DRIRITE Disaster Restoration will provide you with a full written report of the damage incident including providing damage source information, pictures, thermal imaging results, remediation plans and estimated job costs.

After a careful visual assessment of the building and the damaged areas, we will report on our findings and help you to develop an appropriate course of action for remediation of the problem areas. The scope of the remediation will depend largely on the findings of the visual assessment. If microbial contamination is suspected from visual indicators or occupant symptoms, we will develop hypotheses from our initial assessments and develop a sampling strategy to locate the sources of the contamination and the pathways by which they are finding their way to the occupants. If the water source has been active for some period of time, there is also the potential for structural or building material damage which will need to be addressed. It is important that you protect your interests when dealing with a water damage claim to your insurance company. You will want to assure that all of the damage has been documented and the the problems are corrected properly and fully. In some cases, extensive damage can be present with only limited visual indicators.

So if you’ve had water damage, save yourself thousands of dollars by letting DRIRITE disaster restoration professionally inspect and report the damage done to your property. Call us 24 hours a day @ (813) 283-2202

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