Water Damage Prevention

Water damage is something that sneaks up on many homeowners. It starts out with a drip here and a leak there, but if it is not dealt with in its early stages, it can lead to extensive (and costly) damage to your home. Before you know it, your roof leak or leaking pipes can turn into a big mess that you have to call in a water damage cleanup company to deal with.

Before your small drip turns into a large disaster, it is best to take some preventative steps. Here are some common areas of the home where water damage often originates, and what to look for to identify it:

Your kitchen has several areas where water runs and tight connections are a must. Leaking pipes
and hoses from the following areas can necessitate water damage cleanup:

Your Sink: Make sure to replace deteriorated calk around the sink and fix any clogged or
leaking pipes under it.

Your Dishwasher: You may have a leak from your dishwasher if you notice any warped
or discolored flooring materials or close by cabinets.

Your Refrigerator: Wet areas on the floor near the refrigerator could be a sign that your
icemaker either has a leak or a crimped line that is ready to burst open.

Like your kitchen, your bathroom has several potential trouble areas to check for leaking pipes,
loose connections, and deteriorated calk. Examine the following areas for signs of water damage:

  • Showers/Bathtubs
  • Sinks
  • Toilets

Your basement is one of the most common areas for flooding. With so many appliances needing
water and the possibility of flooding from the outside, it’s no wonder that water damage cleanup
companies do more work in basements than any other part of the home. Here are the potential
trouble spots in your lower level:

Water Heater: A water heater that is over 10 years old could be subject to leaks. Look
for rust on the tank or wet spots on the floor nearby as a sign of possible leakage.

Washer: Your laundry room is a common source of leaks, and they usually originate
from the washer hose. To prevent these problems, replace your hose every 3 or 4 years
and inspect it on a regular basis for cracks, tears, and leaks. If any are found, replace the hose immediately.

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