What Should You Do After a Natural Disaster in Tampa?

Natural disasters can strike at any moment and there’s no telling how much damage they can inflict in the process — both physically and emotionally. Being prepared for the aftermath of a natural disaster is essential to the upkeep of your home or business.

Without a proper plan in place for when things get out of hand, you could find yourself in a much more serious situation than originally imagined. Especially with water or fire damage, the problem only gets worse the longer you wait to seek professional assistance.

Since residents are prone to a wide range of water, fire, mold, and sewage water damage in Tampa on a yearly basis, it’s important you have a restoration company by your side every step of the way. Of course, there are several steps you need to take before involving the restoration company.

So, what should you do after a natural disaster?

The first thing you need to do is remain calm and avoid panicking. Remember, the health and safety of your family is top priority, but there’s also a lot more that needs to be accounted for when natural disasters strike.

To ensure your family (or employees) take the necessary precautions and safety concerns following a natural disaster, we’re going to share with you some of the most prominent steps you need to take before returning back to your old lifestyle.

1. Account for Family Members and Loved Ones

After a natural disaster occurs, the first thing you need to do is make sure your family members and loved ones are okay. Address any physical, emotional, or mental concerns first, that way you can determine whether or not medical services are needed.

As you look around, you might see physical damage to the house, but that should be of little concern to you until you confirm everyone’s okay. Once confirmed, you can start to assess the rest of the damage and take the next steps to returning your home to its original state.

2. Turn Off Affected Utilities

When natural disasters strike, there’s a good chance your utilities are affected in the process — whether that be electricity, running water, gas, and sewer. In order to avoid the situation getting any worse, it’s important to turn off the utilities once you confirm everyone in the building is okay.

If you don’t know where your main water shut-off valve is, as well as your circuit breaker and main gas shut-off valve, make sure you locate them immediately. It’s also important to ensure everyone else inside the home or business knows where these valves are (and how to turn them on/off).

3. Assess Damage & Take Pictures

Now that you’ve successfully turned off the utilities, it’s time to start assessing the damage to the building and personal belongings. This is important because you need to know what’s been affected, what needs further attention, and what type of assistance you need in restoring your home.

As you walk through the home or building, pictures are essential — especially for insurance purposes. You need proof that certain areas of the home or personal belongings were damaged, that way you’re compensated the right amount when getting it restored.

4. Contact Insurance Company

Filing an insurance claim is the next step in the process. Depending on the type of insurance you have, there’s a good chance you see a majority — if not all — of the repair costs covered. Since these costs can rise to unthinkable rates, this is a crucial part of the process.

Have the pictures of the damage ready, as well as any other information you have for them. The more you give them, the better. This is also a prime opportunity to ask your insurance provider any questions you might have about the next steps, as well as the steps you’ve already taken up to this point.

5. Contact Restoration Professionals

With the insurance claim taken care of, you can start turning your attention to the restoration process. Of course, this is best left to the professionals — especially if you need the best water restoration Tampa has to offer.

We understand the type of water damage Tampa residents are used to, which is why we ensure the problem is solved immediately. Even when you need mold remediation Tampa residents trust, we’re there to help.

If you need a restoration professional following a natural disaster, contact DriRite. We’ll send someone out to you without hesitation, that way you know the problem can’t get any worse.

During difficult times like these, that small sense of comfort means more than you can imagine — and we’re proud to deliver that to our customers day-in and day-out.

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