What to Do After a Flood in Tampa, FL

Did you know the most weather-related fatalities in the United States and the most common weather-related cause of property damage in the nation are a result of flooding? Plus, Disaster Safety claims 8.3 billion dollars’ worth of damage is caused by flooding annually.

At Dririte, we know the threat of flood damage Tampa residents face is real. Just last year, ABC Action News Tampa Bay reported, “Hundreds of Tampa Bay area homeowners are finding out their homes could be at higher risk for flooding,” and FEMA released new maps indicating which new areas are at risk during heavy rain or hurricane conditions.

Since the risk is real, it is important for residents and business owners who may experience water damage in Tampa to know what to do before and after a potential flood.

Preventative Maintenance is Crucial

First, property owners should perform research to see if their property is located in a flood zone. You can search FEMA’s Flood Map Service Center to see if your property is at risk. If you discover that your property is located in a flood zone, it is important that you purchase separate flood insurance. This is because traditional homeowner’s insurance typically does not cover flood damage.

Additionally, it is crucial to perform preventative maintenance on your property. For example, issues like clogged gutters, sump pump failures, and leaks can become huge issues after a flood. At Dririte, we offer leak detection services that can save you a lot of time and money.

Be Safe

The most important tip for dealing with a flood is to stay safe before, after, and during the flood event. Floods account for the most weather-related fatalities in the US, so you should take them seriously. For example, you should never attempt to drive through floodwaters. The rule is simple – turn around; don’t drown. Also, before venturing out, it is critical to listen to news reports to know when it is safe.

After the flood, you must make safe decisions, such as making sure your utilities have been turned off. Water and electricity are a dangerous and deadly mix. If you can’t get to the breaker box, contact your local company, and ask them to turn it off for you.

Document Everything

If you deal with Sarasota water damage after a flood, it is especially important that you document everything. Do this before you start removing anything from the flooded property. Write notes, take photos, and make a list of all the damages to your property. This will ensure you get as much as you are entitled to from your insurance company.

Call Your Insurance Company

As soon as possible after the flood, you should contact your insurance company. Keep in mind that because flood damage is not generally covered by homeowner’s insurance, you will need to contact your flood insurance provider.

Get Rid of Excess Water

After you have spoken with your insurance provider, you can begin removing the excess water from your home. You can try to remove the water on your own with a sump pump or wet vac, or you can contact the professionals at Dririte who have the tools for quick and effective water extraction.

Prevent Mold Damage

In favorable circumstances, mold can begin to grow within 48 hours of a flood, so it is important to get rid of as much water and moisture as soon as possible. This means that in addition to removing the water from the property, you will need to remove debris and saturated items. Different materials will need to be treated differently, such as furniture, rugs, and carpeting, which is why it is wise to seek assistance from a professional restoration company. If you are unable to remove the water in enough time to prevent mold, Dririte also offers mold remediation in Tampa.

Look for Potential Hazards

Don’t let your guard down after a flood. You will likely be under a great amount of stress, but there are still many potential hazards even after the water recedes. For example, the water you are dealing with may be contaminated by chemicals or sewage. You should also look out for snakes and rodents that may have entered the property by the floodwaters.

Sadly, floods can severely damage a home’s structure. Therefore, you must pay attention to any structural issues that make it unsafe for you to enter the property, such as sagging ceilings or buckling floors.

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