Where Are the Most Common Places to Find Mold & Mildew in Tampa?

Mold and mildew are two things no homeowner or business owner wants to find in their home or business. The sooner you detect it, the sooner you can remove the threat.

Of course, you need to know how to detect mold in your home or business and when it’s likely to grow. Better yet, you need to understand where it’s most likely to grow, that way you know where to look.

Either way, a solid understanding of mold and mildew is essential to keeping your home and business safe. Once detected or suspected, you can turn your trust to the best mold remediation Tampa has to offer — that’s us!

So, where does mold and mildew like to grow?

Despite what many believe, mold is everywhere. It only becomes a problem when tiny mold spores in the air (or water) find the right conditions to grow.

Mold and mildew likes to grow anywhere it can get a sufficient supply of oxygen, moisture, food, and a temperature between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit. While oxygen, moisture (water or humidity), and the temperature are often present, many people are confused about what it uses as a food source.

For the most part, mold breaks down and decomposes organic materials such as wood, paper, dust, leather, and even natural fibers (like cotton). When these materials are broken down, nutrients become available and the mold begins to grow.

Since a majority of homes are made out of wood and other paper products (drywall), mold can grow anywhere in the home if those four conditions are met. With that being said, let’s take a look at five of the most common places you’ll find mold in the home or business.

1. Near the Shower or Toilet

Since bathrooms are prone to water and moisture, it’s very common to find mold or mildew anywhere in these rooms. The main areas to look at are the shower, bathtub, toilet, and sink, especially since this is where the plumbing is.

To prevent the risk of mold or mildew growing in the bathroom, it’s important to properly ventilate the room before, during, and after a shower. You should also be checking for mold often, even in areas you wouldn’t think of like behind your toilet or inside your cabinets.  If mold is found, don’t hesitate to find quality mold removal in Tampa FL.

2. Near Kitchen Appliances

Another common place to find mold or mildew is the kitchen. The main areas to focus on are the sink, the refrigerator, the microwave, and the stove. The sink and refrigerator are prone to being wet, while the microwave and stove can create a humid environment.

The best way to avoid any kitchen disasters with mold or mildew is to always keep the kitchen clean, regularly check inside your cabinets for pipe leaks (or drips), pay attention to any excess water at the base of your refrigerator because this could be a slow supply line leak, keep everything as dry as possible, do a daily trash run, don’t let dishes pile up in the sink, and ventilate when necessary.

3. Air Conditioning & Windows

As you walk around your home, you should pay attention to the air conditioning/heating units and windows. These areas are some of mold’s favorite spots to grow, especially when condensation finds its way to the window sill or drywall.

Dehumidifiers are excellent at controlling humidity inside the home or business, which can help you limit the amount of mold in living rooms and bedrooms. Keep in mind, cotton is an organic material, so check those mattresses, furniture, and closets for mold!

4. Plumbing Behind Walls

We mentioned the plumbing in the bathroom and kitchen, but there’s actually plumbing running all throughout the house and are found behind most walls. With that being said, mold can even grow inside the walls where you can’t see it.

If you suspect a leak of any kind or recently had a pipe burst, there’s always a chance of mold growing in that area. You should always have these areas thoroughly inspected by a professional to ensure the risk of mold is eliminated. If mold is already present, don’t hesitate to call the best mold remediation companies in Tampa.

5. Basements & Attics

The final common place you’ll find mold in the home is in your basement or attic — or both if you’re lucky enough! As far as the attic goes, your main issue comes from leaks in the roof, but some attics are also humid and have windows or off-ridge vents.

As far as the basement goes, you’ll generally find mold near the sump pump, plumbing, or any area prone to leaking and standing water. Keeping the attic and basement ventilated and dry at all times is recommended.

If you suspect mold or mildew anywhere in your home or business, you need the best mold removal Tampa has to offer. Don’t worry, DriRite is here to take care of all your mold removal needs and is prepared to send someone your way immediately.

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