Chinese Drywall: Things Everyone Needs to Know

What’s the Difference Between American and Chinese Drywall?

All homes constructed after the 1920s have interior walls and ceilings made from sheetrock material primarily derived from the mineral gypsum. Construction workers utilize regular drywall to create design features (eaves, arches, etc.) because it is easy to install, incredibly durable, and requires only simple repairs when damaged. 

Chinese drywall references faulty construction wallboards manufactured in and imported from China between 2001 and 2008.  It is also called corrosive drywall due to emitting harmful gases when exposed to the hot, humid climate of southern states. Chinese drywall was used to build more than 100,000 homes in more than 20 states. Though originally thought to be a minor abnormality, we’ve since discovered it is a much more serious issue. 

Chinese Drywall Health Problems

Chinese Drywall Health Problems

Home and business owners throughout Florida are experiencing Chinese drywall health problems, which are thought to be from materials used in new home construction or home remodeling services. If your property had any type of interior construction within the last 15 years, it may be a good idea to have your residence or business evaluated for potential Chinese drywall. 

If not addressed right away, you may experience the following physical ailments:

  • Eye and nose irritation
  • Frequent headaches
  • Asthma attacks
  • Nausea
  • Shortness of breath
  • Sore throat
  • Bloody noses
  • Memory loss

The good news? As soon as you contact a qualified Tampa restoration company for a Chinese drywall inspection, you’ll begin the process of restoring your home and safety.  

Property Damage Problems Caused by Chinese Drywall

Not only will Chinese wallboards impact the condition of your health, but they could also cause costly property damages for appliances and electronics made with copper wiring or plumbing. 

Examples of devices impacted by contaminated drywall include: 

  • Faulty video game systems
  • Deficient refrigerators
  • Broken televisions
  • Defective dishwashers
  • Cracked AC evaporator coils

Why do fumes emitting from drywall corrode copper plumbing and wiring? The high amounts of sulfur in Chinese drywall seep into the surrounding air and eat away at the furniture and electronics. Consequently, common household appliances may completely fail or simply operate intermittently. 

How Do I Know If There Is Chinese Drywall in My Home?

If you’re unsure how to determine if your home has contaminated drywall installed, contact your local restoration company for a thorough Chinese drywall inspection in Tampa. They will perform a series of steps similar to the steps below:

1. Assess copper components 

The high amounts of hydrogen sulfide caused by drywall-emitting gases will lead copper electrical wiring and air conditioning evaporator coils to turn black. 

2. Sustaining evidence 

When restoration specialists examine copper components, they may also look for other supporting evidence, such as Chinese text on the drywall. 

3. Lab testing 

To confirm suspicions of toxicity, a qualified technician will test for exceedingly high traces of sulfur, or copper sulfide deposits. 

*Additional symptoms of Chinese drywall could be one or more of the following: 

  • Rotten egg smell
  • High levels of the following:
    • Strontium
    • Hydrogen sulfide
    • Carbonyl sulfide
    • Carbon disulfide

To learn more about the Consumer Product Safety Commission guidelines, including information regarding Chinese wallboard testing and results, review the CPSC’s Drywall Information Center

What Is Chinese Drywall

What Should I Do if I Think My House Has Chinese Drywall?

If you suspect contaminated drywall has been installed in your home or business, contact a trustworthy restoration company to provide an adequate Chinese drywall inspection in Tampa. We’ll provide you with substantial information and answer any questions you have regarding the inspection and testing process. Our corrosive drywall inspection offers a level of confidence that only DRIRITE® can give.

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DRIRITE® has inspected and remediated thousands of homes throughout Tampa Bay and surrounding areas of central Florida. When homeowners discover drywall releases toxins in the air that may damage certain appliances or wiring, they call the experts at DRIRITE. Our professional inspectors discover corrosive components, report our findings, and provide recommendations. 

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