How Much Does Water Damage Affect Home Value?

It’s not hard to imagine how water damage can affect your home’s value. But the timing couldn’t come at a worse time if you were thinking about selling your home. Upon discovering water damage, one of the first things on your mind is “Exactly how much will this drop my home’s value.” 

It’s not an easy question to answer. You have to consider what effects water damage can have on a home and how quickly you acted to resolve it. Failing to treat water damage quickly and completely can easily contribute to a lower property value. Water damage can seem bad at first, but it will only worsen and lead to other problems like mold growth and structural issues. It won’t be easy getting the maximum value for your home if there are ceiling stains, dangerous mold growth, or other visible forms of damage. 

Continue reading to see how water damage affects your home and what you can do to mitigate your losses. 

Effects of Water Damage on Your Home

Water Damage In Wall

Some people’s idea of water damage is a natural disaster that leaves their homes flooded. While that is a real scenario that people face, more common examples are burst pipes, roof or appliance leaks, or overflows that can be just as devastating. It only takes a small amount of water or excess moisture to devalue your home. 

What’s even more nerve-racking about water damage is the amount that could be spilling into your home without your knowledge. After all, most pipes sit behind walls or under flooring, making leaks harder to detect. As leaking pipes drip more water behind walls and under floors, the chances of mold growth or rot setting in only go up. Not addressing leaks or improperly removing mold can make your situation significantly worse. 

Water Damage Absolutely Can Decrease Your Home’s Resale Value

Few things contribute more to lowering a property’s resale value than water damage. Heavy rains that flood your basement and crawl space can also reach your home’s foundation, leading to structural damage. Undetected roof leaks can leave stains on your ceilings that a simple paint job won’t fix. Pipe leaks under your flooring or behind your walls can lead to expensive drywall repairs and flooring replacements.

If nothing is done quickly to mitigate the damage, the one thing you never want growing in your home could sprout up—mold. Once it’s there, mold can spread to more surfaces. Not only will mold create unhealthy living conditions, but it will also destroy your home’s value. 

Treat any form of water damage—no matter how small—like an urgent matter. Call a professional plumber to repair leaks and reach out to a water damage restoration company for clean-up and property restoration. 

5 Types Of Water Damage That Decrease A Home’s Value

1. Structural Damage

If the home you’re trying to sell suffered water damage, it’s a good idea to have it inspected by a professional. They’ll have the tools to check for damage in hard-to-see areas like inside walls, concrete framing, and the foundation. When not treated properly, water damage in these areas will worsen to the point where it puts your home’s structural integrity at risk. You won’t be able to get the same value you wanted for it. 

2. Warped Ceilings and Walls

Wallpaper and Paint Damage Ceiling Need To Be Immediately Replaced After Water Damage

If you’ve ever seen or are currently dealing with warped walls or ceilings, you know exactly how unappealing they are. Just the way they look will automatically drop your home’s value. Beyond aesthetics, warped walls and ceilings are a clear indication of water damage that could still be ongoing. From a potential buyer’s perspective, they’ll be thinking about how much it’ll cost to repair. That calculation can ultimately drive them away from buying your home.

3. Mold 

Mold Growth Ceiling Need To Be Immediately Replaced After Water DamageMold isn’t just bad for property value—it’s bad for your health. It most often appears as a black, gray, or greenish growth. However, some types of mold appear as brown, purple, orange, yellow, pink, or a combination of colors. No matter its color, mold is always a nightmare for homeowners looking to sell their property. 

4. Foundation Issue

The foundation of any home is its most important structural component. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive to repair. But don’t put off repairs just because of the cost. Failing to address it can put your home’s structure at risk and a damaged foundation is the most detrimental thing to your home’s value. Flooding in your basement or crawl space can inadvertently allow water to seep through to the foundation. So can burst pipes or significant leaks in the plumbing under your home. 

5. Water-soaked Damaged Carpeting and Flooring

Hardwood flooring and well-maintained carpeting are a home buyer’s dream. But if any signs of water damage are present—like mold, buckling, cupping, or wet spots on carpeting—buyers might think twice about your home. Even if you have waterproof vinyl flooring, you could have undetected damage in the subflooring. 

Looking for the Leading Water Damage Restoration Company in the Tampa Bay Area?

While not all water damage disasters can be prevented, there are ways you can help limit your losses. If you want to protect your home’s value after it has experienced water damage, call DRIRITE® immediately. We specialize in structural drying, water damage cleanup, and restoration services. No matter what caused the water loss or how extensive the damage was, you can count on us.

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