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Once you have experienced water damage in your home, your first reaction is likely to start the restoration process as soon as possible. However, our team at DRIRITE cannot start the restoration process until we have mitigated the damage. 

This means that we have fully addressed, contained, and prevented any further loss from water damage. When you choose DRIRITE, you choose over 40 years of experience in property restoration. Get help from your one-stop solution in water mitigation and beyond.

Water Damage Restoration Services in Tampa bay area
DRIRITE® Tampa Water Damage & Disaster Restoration Company

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DRIRITE® Tampa Water Damage & Disaster Restoration Company

Whether your pipe bursts or you’ve suffered water damage from a flood, DRIRITE is just a call away.

Our team specializes in:

Structural Drying
Water Damage Cleanup
Water Damage Mitigation & Restoration

Mitigating your water damage means that our team of professionals will guarantee your primary damage against any secondary damages. At DRIRITE, we ensure accurate moisture readings, digital photos, infrared images, and a complete written report of your damages.

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Step 1: Stop the Water Flow

Getting straight to the source is the first step we take in water mitigations. Our team ensures that your water source is completely closed off to prevent further damage.

Step 2: Determine Mitigation Requirements

There are three categories that flood waters fall into. These categories are by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and help our team prepare your property for the right mitigation to keep you and your family safe.

They are:

Category 1

This classification refers to clean water, which is the water spouting from a sink or bathtub.

Category 2

This classification refers to gray water which may be contaminated with chemicals.

Category 3

This category is classified as black water which contains raw sewage or river water.

Step 3: Extract Water & Dry

Once our team determines the best mitigation route, we will begin the water extraction process. DRIRITE guarantees that your property or business will be completely free from all standing water.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Jeffery and Octavius were awesome !!
Marcus Vinicius M.
Marcus Vinicius M.
10:55 17 Jun 24
I'm more than satisfied with the mold mitigation work being done by DriRite. Collin is professional, polite and answered any questions I had. He and his assistant Nico kept the work area as tidy as possible as they worked and secured the area at the end of each day. David couldn't be nicer and is very responsive to any concerns I may have. DriRite has been the best part of my plumbing leak and mold mitigation ordeal. David and his professional team also restored another bathroom in my home and I am completely satisfied with the work that was done. I highly recommend DriRite for any water damage restoration needs.UPDATE: DriRite (under David Campbell's stellar project management) completed the final stage of my master bathroom rebuild and I am 100% satisfied! Thanks to DriRite I now have 2 new bathrooms and complete mold remediation of the water damaged areas. DriRite took over from another company that I had previously contracted with that left me literally out to dry and on my own. DriRite (David) came to my rescue and I always knew what was going on and felt like a valued customer. They also provided topnotch workmanship. I highly recommend DriRite.Veronica Floyd
Ronnie F.
Ronnie F.
21:26 16 Jun 24
Thank you Derlin for the professional work you provided us today. It was a pleasure to meet you.
22:26 14 Jun 24
Derlin provided excellent on our water damage!
Jackson M.
Jackson M.
22:24 14 Jun 24
DriRite provided exceptional service for dust containment and cleaning after our recent project. Special thanks to Armando, Mario, Angel, and Nico for their hard work and dedication. They were professional, thorough, and ensured everything was spotless. Highly recommend their team for any restoration needs!
Thomas G.
Thomas G.
01:32 14 Jun 24
Great experience with Jeffery and Octavius. Very clean and professional. You can tell they cared about providing good work and really care about the house. Thank u guys
Valeria A.
Valeria A.
23:12 13 Jun 24

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Water Mitigation FAQs

You’ve Got Questions. We’ve Got Answers.

we listed our most common water migrations questions below. Check them out. 

What Is Water Mitigation?

Water damage mitigation is the immediate response to a property with water damage. Mitigating water damage involves several steps to ensure that all risk of further damage is reduced.

What Is The Difference Between Mitigation And Restoration?

Mitigation involves reducing the risk of secondary damage, whereas restoration is the process of repairing and restoring your items and property to their pre-loss condition.

How Does The Water Mitigations Process Work?

When we respond to your water damage, we will:

  • Evaluate the damage
  • Remove the water
  • Recover your belongings
  • Eliminate odors
  • Protect your property

Water mitigation is an emergency service that our team strives to act fast and efficiently on. The time it takes to mitigate your property depends on how severe the water damage is.