Water Damage Restoration Service in Plant City, FL

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Water Damage Restoration Service in Plant City, FL

You can’t stop Mother Nature from wreaking havoc, so bouts of heavy rain are bound to cause occasional flooding in Plant City. Thankfully, DriRite takes care of your property when water damage impacts your home. Our technicians come fully trained and certified in Plant City water damage restoration services and promise to restore your home or business to its previous condition. 

Whether you need flood damage repair in Plant City after a natural disaster or a plumbing mishap, we’re the team you can trust. Locals rely on our experts to remove unsalvageable belongings from the property, dry the entire space, disinfect the area, and make it safe for all occupants. We understand that disaster can strike any moment, so we’re always available for emergency water cleanup in Plant City and the surrounding communities. 

Don’t hesitate to call us whenever you need professional water damage restoration services. 

Storm Damage Restoration Solutions

Our Plant City water damage and property restoration services extend to various types of storm damage. Say lightning strikes your property and sparks a devastating fire. Our team offers professional fire damage restoration that eliminates all traces of smoke and soot from the premises. 

If natural flooding occurs, we’ll come to the rescue with water extraction and drying expertise. Advanced technology allows our technicians to remove standing water from all crevices of your Plant City property. We’ll help you navigate any type of storm damage, including scenarios resulting in large structural loss.  

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Why Choose DriRite?

Our Plant City water damage and property restoration services are unmatched, which is a major reason we’re the top restoration contractor in Hillsborough County. In addition to addressing the problem at hand, we transform properties so they look better than ever. Customers praise our efficiency and high-quality work, whether they need water mitigation services, carpet cleaning, or any other type of restoration service.  

No other Plant City water restoration company compares with DriRite thanks to our commitment to quality and over 40 years of industry experience. Make the right choice and rely on our water damage experts in Plant City whenever your property needs professional restoration. 


Available by phone 24/7
Free estimates
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100% satisfaction guarantee

Other companies:

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$1000 minimum charge
No financing plans
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Mold Remediation and Mold Removal

In the wake of water damage, mold can begin to grow in as little as 24 to 48 hours, presenting significant health and property risks. Fortunately, our team specializes in swift mold removal, adhering meticulously to industry-leading standards. Even when mold isn’t visible, a new musty odor often signifies its presence.

Water damage and mold remediation services tend to go hand in hand. Wet, warm environments are the ideal breeding grounds for mold and harmful bacteria. If your property has any trace of water damage, our experts will also check for mold growth and take action. 

Sometimes, you might notice mold spores before signs of water damage. Contact DriRite, and we’ll perform a leak detection to spot any dripping water within your walls. We use thermal imaging technology to detect hidden areas of water throughout the structure and act quickly to repair the leak and prevent further mold growth. 

Breathing in mold can lead to serious health issues, especially for those with compromised immune or respiratory systems. Our technicians use powerful cleaning agents and disinfectants to stop mold growth in its tracks so your property remains safe. Our successful mold removal tactics are another reason locals come to us for reliable Plant City water damage and property restoration services. 

Sewage Backup Cleanup Services

One issue that no Plant City property owner wants to deal with is sewage spilling and cleanup. Whether a clogged toilet overflows onto the floor or a pipe containing wastewater bursts, it’s vital to address the plumbing problem before focusing on sewage cleanup. Repairing these issues can cost a lot when hiring a plumber and a water cleanup company separately. 

Let Dririte tackle your plumbing mishap, handling all property disinfection after sewage spills onto the floors. We have experienced plumbers on staff who respond to emergencies 24/7 and will take care of common problems like:

  • Clogged toilets
  • Backed-up drains
  • Burst pipes

You can count on our local experts to restore your plumbing system and immediately start cleaning any sewage inside your property. We deploy powerful cleaning equipment to dispose of the contaminated water and ensure every surface is dry to avoid mold growth. We then sanitize every inch of the affected area so no harmful contaminants remain. 

When the unexpected happens, turn to DriRite for superior Plant City water damage and property restoration services. We take pride in helping property owners across Hillsborough County recover from flooding, fires, and other events that leave buildings with damage. Contact us today online or at (813) 635-0303 to receive a free estimate from our team.

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Reconstruction Services

Flooding, fires, and other disasters can cause monumental damage to a property and leave you with no choice but to start over with new building features. That’s why, at DriRite, we provide not just Plant City water damage and property restoration services, but also expertise in reconstruction projects. Give us a call if your residential or commercial property sustains severe damage and needs experienced contractors to oversee the reconstruction. 

We have proven methods to restore damaged parts of any structure, such as our professional truss cleaning services that eliminate soot and microbial growth from your rafters. Technicians thoroughly inspect the entire building to assess the extent of damage and make a plan for restoring the space. 

Our team will handle everything from structure stabilization to demolition and debris removal. We also oversee permit acquisitions and inspections to ensure everything on your property abides by local building codes. Enjoy peace of mind with DriRite on your side. 

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What Our Customers Are Saying?

Plant City Residents Trust DRIRITE® for Water Damage Restoration.

Check out our excellent testimonials from Plant City, FL residents. Some even say that their property looked better than its pre-loss condition.

Thank you Derlin for the professional work you provided us today. It was a pleasure to meet you.
22:26 14 Jun 24
Derlin provided excellent on our water damage!
Jackson M.
Jackson M.
22:24 14 Jun 24
DriRite provided exceptional service for dust containment and cleaning after our recent project. Special thanks to Armando, Mario, Angel, and Nico for their hard work and dedication. They were professional, thorough, and ensured everything was spotless. Highly recommend their team for any restoration needs!
Thomas G.
Thomas G.
01:32 14 Jun 24
Great experience with Jeffery and Octavius. Very clean and professional. You can tell they cared about providing good work and really care about the house. Thank u guys
Valeria A.
Valeria A.
23:12 13 Jun 24
Armando and the other tech (I believe his name was Mario) were very friendly, thorough and helpful. They took very good care to cover all areas where they walked through the home or where remediation was performed so that no messes were made.
Kristina C.
Kristina C.
21:08 13 Jun 24
Derlin did a great job! He was friendly and professional answering all questions we had.
Sharon C.
Sharon C.
18:36 13 Jun 24

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