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When it comes to finding a leak, we know where to look. Our leak detection services uses state of the art equipment to help discover where the source of moisture is coming from.

Using tools such as thermal imaging cameras, in wall cameras, and air quality testing equipment, we can help pinpoint the exact cause and origin of moisture in your property. The benefit of using such advanced leak detection equipment allows us to utilize the sensitivity of a thermal imaging camera, which makes water saturated roof insulation and leaks in slabs stand out. Its display allows our technicans to easily find the questionable sections, then snap high quality photos for documentation. For more information, read more about our thermal imaging services.

Water Gas Leak Detection Services in Tampa Bay Area
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DRIRITE® Tampa Water Damage & Disaster Restoration Company

A properly restored & cleaned structure is a healthy structure, improper leak detection can result in secondary damages such as odors, mold growth, and compromised structural integrity.

DRIRITE® guarantees your property against secondary damages. Our project managers will monitor your project daily, utilizing our infrared imaging camera as well as other tools to insure accuracy and efficiency during the drying process.

Providing accurate documentation regarding your project is what we do best, moisture readings, digital photos, infrared images, a complete written report of all activities is a standard. Providing you a level of confidence that only DRIRITE® can give.

We understand budgets and job costs, water damage doesn’t have to impact your bottom line. When a water issue occurs it is usually a direct result of poor workmanship or failed materials. Someone should be held accountable for your damages. Our documentation depicts cause and origin, which will help you defend and enforce charge backs to your subcontractors or suppliers.

When it comes to an air quality related problem, DRIRITE of Tampa can be on-site FAST no matter where you live.

Reiss Tomlin was very respectful and professional. He explained everything and was very informative. Thank you so much for your professionalism Reiss. I really do appreciate you work ethic! More people like Reiss should be in this profession. If there could be more people like him, I would never complain. Once again, thank you!
Nicole M.
Nicole M.
22:01 03 Oct 23
Wow!! Just wow! I had a crack in my AC units drip pan which led to pooling of water in my upstairs loft. By the time my landlord was able to get the repair done the damage was too far advanced to not have Dririte come in and fix the damage. They sent Christian who had open lines of communication, was thorough, and extremely professional. Not only did he do a stellar job, but he informed me of the need to change my AC air filter and even patched a little dent I had in my wall that I caused while moving in. This guy went above and beyond. At this point the only thing he could have done to make this experience better was walk my dogs (he will get the joke). Thank you for all of your help and your professionalism through this experience
Melanie W.
Melanie W.
20:42 03 Oct 23
Our technician earl soper was the perfect balance of cool yet very professional. Answered all of our questions with no problems and did an amazing job!!
Courtney S.
Courtney S.
18:13 03 Oct 23
Jeffrey Acevedo and Fredy did a good job with our post water leakage work.
Sanjana Reddy P.
Sanjana Reddy P.
21:33 02 Oct 23
Berto C.
Berto C.
22:53 30 Sep 23
Jeffery and Fredy were so awesome in helping with our hurricane damage! We so much appreciate their professionalism and excellent work.
Nannette M.
Nannette M.
15:43 30 Sep 23

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Leak Detection FAQs FAQs


Water leaks foster mold growth, weaken structural material and may damage your personal possessions. A Significant water leak leaves a hard-to-miss disaster behind. Minor leaks can be just as devastating because the damage may not be apparent or immediate. This makes it harder to know if your property is affected by a leak. 

Do you suspect your home is experiencing a water leak, but you want to know for sure? Take a minute to read through some of these leak detection services FAQs. Find out how we detect leaks, what signs you should be looking for, and when you should act. 

What Causes Leaks?

One thing all homeowners and businesses should know is that any property can experience a leak regardless of age. With that being said, one common reason properties experience leaks is due to the age of their pipes. Age leads to corrosion and rusting, which means your pipes are more susceptible to leaking.
Another reason for water leaks is extreme temperature changes. Cold weather can cause water in your pipes to freeze and expand. The extra pressure caused by the expanded water can crack your pipes. That’s why you should let water drip from a faucet in your home when temperatures approach freezing. Other water leaks causes include:

  • Excessively high water pressure
  • Improper pipe installation
  • Soil conditions
  • Tree roots

What Are the Signs of Hidden Leaks?

Outside of seeing water gushing out of your pipes, what are some other ways you can tell you have a water leak in your home or business? Keep an eye out for these signs:

  • Unusually high utility bills
  • Water pooling on the floors
  • Your yard is sinking in some areas
  • The water meter marker moves even when the water is off
  • Unexplained potholes in the yard

How Is Leak Detection Done?

Our team detects leaks in your property using various techniques and tools. We’ll use imaging cameras, in-wall cameras, and air quality testing equipment to find the exact cause and location of the leak. This equipment allows us to detect leaks in your property’s foundation, roof insulation, and other hard-to-see areas. 

Why Is Leak Detection Important?

Water leak detection can help you avoid disaster. Even if the only consequence you experience is a high water bill, water leak detection is the first step to identifying a problem before it gets exponentially worse. Give us a call any time, any day of the week, at  813-635-0303 for water leak detection services.

How Accurate Is Leak Detection?

Accuracy is a key component to leak detection. Some materials and conditions can affect the accuracy of our leak detection equipment. For example, a pipe leak buried under five feet of compact soil may be harder to detect than a pipe five inches deep. That’s why our experienced specialists use a combination of techniques and tools to pinpoint leaks.

Is It Safe To Ignore a Water Leak if It Causes No Harm?

Let’s say you’re noticing a higher-than-usual utility bill which may indicate your experience of a water leak. At the same time, you don’t see any damage to your property. Do you need to act?
The answer is a resounding yes.
Just because you can’t see the damage doesn’t mean it won’t come back to bite you. Small leaks left unchecked will cause more and more destruction and deterioration. It can also set up the potential for dangerous amounts of mold growth. Handling the problem early on means you’re saving yourself from massive headaches and repair/restoration bills.