Thermal Imaging Inspections in the Tampa Bay Area

Utilizing infrared thermal imaging (IR) technology, DRIRITE® conducts thorough inspections of residential, commercial, multifamily, industrial, and other properties. 

Thermal imaging leak detection evaluations eliminate the guesswork. This type of technology helps our team uncover water damages, including hidden roof leaks, and make the necessary repairs to restore your property. Our expertise and knowledge can save you money.

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Thermal Imaging Inspections in Tampa Bay Area
Advanced Technology Thermal Imaging Inspections - Thermal Imaging Inspections in Tampa Bay Area

Advanced Technology to Save Your Property

DRIRITE® is a licensed, bonded, and insured restoration specialist, which means we do things the right way. When your home or business suffers significant damage, we use high-quality, high-resolution cameras to detect building, electrical, and roofing problems that are invisible to the naked eye. Using infrared thermal imaging surveys and inspections, we develop comprehensive, detailed analyses. 

Don’t let your property become thermally deficient or compromise its structural integrity. Let DRIRITE® 

perform thermal imaging leak detection and conduct an infrared thermal imaging survey on your property today.

If you choose to file an insurance claim, hire a property restoration company that utilizes infrared thermal imaging cameras. Doing so can help you secure substantial reimbursement for the damages. When you need to identify mechanical, electrical, or building damage, our capable staff will provide you with a fast, comprehensive photo-based report.

Benefits of Thermal Inspections

Find hidden water leaks 

Non-invasive techniques

Accurate IR technology 

Fast inspection to schedule any necessary repairs

Ensure that minor/ major issues are found and addressed 

Evidence for your insurance claim + recover adequate compensation

Thermal Imaging Inspections In The Tampa Bay Area

Thermal Imaging Technology for Commercial, Industrial & Residential Applications

Just about everything increases in temperature before complete system failure, which is why thermal imaging technology is so helpful. Not only is it a cost-effective and accurate diagnostic tool, but this technology also improves manufacturing efficiencies, manages energy, improves product quality, and enhances safety.

Review all of the ways thermal imaging can help your property: 

Building Envelopes and Structures

  • Thermal heat leak detection:
    • Buildings
    • Plants
    • Facilities
    • Refineries
  • Moisture contamination evaluations for:
    • Buildings
    • Condos
    • Plant facilities
  • Concrete integrity inspections
  • Locate missing or damaged insulation
  • Locate radiant heating wires or pipes

Electrical Systems

  • Residential and commercial inspection:
    • Electrical cabinets
    • Electrical breakers 
    • Service entrances
    • Switchgear
    • Transformers
    • Capacitor banks
Thermal Imaging Technology For Roofing (1)
Thermal Imaging Technology For electrical

Roofing Systems

  • Flat roof leak detection for: 
    • Buildings
    • Plants
    • Facilities
  • Accurately identify a water-damaged roof
  • Document problems before the warranty expiration
  • Eliminate unnecessary roofing replacements

Mechanical Systems (heat & air conditioning)

  • Damage assessments for:
    • HVAC equipment
    • Ventilation
    • Refrigeration leaks
  • Detect buildup and other abnormalities
  • Boiler flue gas leak detection
  • Mechanical bearing inspections
Dririte - Water damage restoration service

DRIRITE® Thermal Imaging Leak Detection Guarantee

Leaks and other seemingly minimal moisture issues can cause serious malfunctions in the long run. Find hidden leaks and discover the source of potentially hazardous malfunctions in your home or business with DRIRITE®. Our project managers monitor your project daily, utilizing our infrared imaging camera as well as other tools to ensure accuracy and efficiency during the drying process.

Improper leak detection can lead to secondary damages including odors, mold growth, and compromised structural integrity. Guarantee your property against secondary damages with the technicians at DRIRITE®

Thermal imaging leak detection includes: 1) Accurate documentation, 2) Moisture readings, 3) Digital photos, 4) Infrared images, 5) Report of results.

Tampa thermal imaging leak detection documentation depicts cause and origin. We provide a level of confidence that only DRIRITE® can give. 

DRIRITE®, It’s not just our name, it’s our guarantee.

Jose, Nick, and Jeff were amazing. Very professional and friendly. They took the time to answer all of my questions and explained the process in detail. I would highly recommend DriRite. They came in and fixed a major debacle from another company.
Marci S.
Marci S.
20:51 04 Dec 22
Chase and Reiss with DriRite, were great to deal with. They were professional, polite and knew their stuff.
Fadi Sheikh Khalil G.
Fadi Sheikh Khalil G.
14:00 03 Dec 22
We had some storm damage from hurricane Ian including loosing part of our lanai ceiling which exposed the underside of our roof and truss system. Jeffrey and Jesus did an amazing job! They were knowledgeable, professional, efficient, and friendly. They walked us through the process before starting, gave us an update after and left the area cleaner than when they found it! Highly recommend A+++ Five stars!
Liv H
Liv H
03:24 02 Dec 22
Jose & Nick were very professional & thorough. I would highly recommend.
Krystal W.
Krystal W.
23:51 01 Dec 22
We had water damage in our laundry room garage and master bath! Jeff and Jesus came in to clean up and takedown the damaged stuff! They were amazing, professional, friendly and did a very thorough job. I would recommend these guys to everyone that needs this service! Thank you Jeff and Jesus for everything!
Jim R.
Jim R.
18:36 01 Dec 22
Star came and picked up the equipment and was in and out with no interruption. Very professional and courteous
Michelle D.
Michelle D.
20:05 30 Nov 22

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