Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Service in The Tampa Bay Area

From everyday wear and tear to unexpected spills and unsightly stains, a dirty carpet in the home makes everything around it look unclean. In an office building or store, a dirty carpet risks giving visitors a poor impression of the products or services you offer.

Regular maintenance is important to extend the life and beauty of all carpets. In addition to frequent vacuuming to remove abrasive dirt that can wear down carpet fibers, carpets need regularly-scheduled cleanings to uphold the integrity of the carpet fibers. A well-maintained carpet will add value to a home or building and save money over time by avoiding costly carpet replacements.

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Carpet Steam Cleaning Process

DRIRITE of Tampa, FL utilizes the superior cleaning process of steam cleaning to get down below the surface of carpeting, loosening hardened particles and removing dirt and debris hiding out in the carpet fibers. Steam cleaning up to 250 degrees kills bacteria and germs, creating an optimal environment for clean living.

Carpet Cleaning in Tampa bay area

Truck-Mounted Equipment for Powerful Results

In addition to ensuring a thorough and deep steam cleaning, DRIRITE utilizes truck-mounted equipment which is the most powerful carpet cleaning equipment on the market, extracting allergens and dust from your home straight into a holding tank on our truck.

With higher water temperatures and greater PSI, truck-mounted equipment is able to clean deeper than portable machines by the use of a pressure hose and spray jets that get the water-based detergent deep into the carpet. The higher pressure equipment prevents damage to carpeting by reducing the amount of scrubbing that is sometimes necessary during a manual cleaning process using portable equipment. In addition, the greater suction power of truck-mounted equipment is able to remove as much water as possible, allowing carpeting to dry faster.

Carpet Cleaning in Tampa bay area
Carpet Cleaning in Tampa bay area

Teflon Carpet Protection

After the cleaning process is complete, we offer teflon carpet protection to prevent future spills from damaging carpet fibers. Teflon provides superior protection against oil-based spills and stains by preventing them from penetrating the carpet fibers, allowing spills and stains to be cleaned up quickly and easily. Teflon carpet protection works on all carpet fiber types, and is safe for use around people and pets.

Tile and Grout Cleaning

In addition to carpeting, tile flooring also greatly benefits from periodic professional cleaning, especially when grout becomes discolored or stained. Dirty grout affects the the look of the entire tiled flooring is affected no matter how clean the tiles may be.

Homeowners in the process of selling their home should always make sure tile and grout is pristine. Dirty grout can leave a bad impression on potential buyers.

DRIRITE uses rotary scrubbers to loosen dirt and grime that is embedded into grout which ordinary scrubbing cannot eliminate. After scrubbing the grout clean, we offer to reseal the grout to protect it from future dirt and staining, prolonging the look of your newly restored tile flooring.

Carpet Cleaning in Tampa bay area
Carpet Cleaning in Tampa bay area

Upholstery Cleaning in Tampa

With a newly-cleaned and restored carpet, oftentimes our clients notice that their upholstered furniture looks dull and dirty in comparison, and request our upholstery cleaning service to completely revamp the look and freshness of an interior.

Our upholstery cleaning services are also used after water or fire damage to restore furniture to pre-loss condition.

Using state-of-the-art equipment that is gentle but effective on furniture, we are able to address spot removal for stubborn stains and embedded dirt, followed by an overall deep cleaning, and offer a protectant as the final step to prolong the beauty of your clean and fresh upholstered furniture.

Dririte - Water damage restoration service

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Dririte - Water damage restoration service

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