Clearwater Property Restoration Services

If you need restoration services in Clearwater, FL - Look no further!

Property Restoration Services in Clearwater, FL

If you live in Clearwater, FL and have a disaster happen at your property, whether it's water damage, fire damage, mold problems, indoor air quality problems, or anything similar, DRIRITE® is just a call away.

We have strategically opened an office in Clearwater so that when you have a problem, we're no more than an hour away.
No matter the time of day or night, DRIRITE® can be there to help get your property restored to it's original, if not better, condition.

Why Choose DRIRITE® When Disaster Strikes In Clearwater, FL

  • We accept many Clearwater property insurance carriers.
  • We can be on-site within an hour or less.
  • We're a family run business for over 30 years in Clearwater.
  • Honest, Quality restoration is our mission.
  • We a one-stop-shop from cleanup to buildback.

What to do if you've had a property disaster happen in Clearwater

  • Turn off the source of the problem if you know it and can safely access it.*
  • Turn off electricity if it causes an unsafe environment.
  • Call DRIRITE's emergency dispatcher @ (813) 283-2202.
  • Contact your insurance provider to let them know you've had a loss.
  • Sit back while we handle everything and get your life back to normal.

*If you cannot safely access the source (in an attic, electrical outlets are close, in deep water) never attempt to turn it off without professional help as this could endanger your life. If you are in a life threatening emergency, call 911 immediately.


Free Estimates For Water Damage Emergencies

And we don't collect a deductible at the time of service, so you have more $$ in your pocket.

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