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Understanding Water, Fire & Mold Damage Restoration Processes

10 Things You Most Likely Didn’t Know About Tampa

Whether you are one of the 392,890 residents who call Tampa home or one of the 500,000 international visitors to Tampa each year, there are likely still some things you most likely don’t know about Tampa. You likely know all about our beautiful beaches and our theme parks, but did you know that Tampa has a rich and vibrant history?

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10 Moments to Remember from Tampa from the 2000s

The Tampa Bay area has a deep and exciting history. From pirates to the mafia, our city is full of legends. But beyond even the most popular haunted stories, there are plenty of things that have happened in Tampa that residents remember either fondly or with trepidation. By narrowing down our focus to the 2000s, we’ve identified ten of the moments that residents are most likely to remember from Tampa.

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In Ten Minutes, I’ll Give You the Truth About Water Damage

Did you know “14,000 people in the US experience a water damage emergency at home or work each day”? Roofs leak, pipes burst, and homes are flooded. Unfortunately, water damage emergencies can happen anytime, day or night. The results are costly and can be catastrophic if not handled correctly.

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A Guide to Finding a Restoration Company in Tampa

While we hope you never have to deal with the aftermath of a disaster like a flood or fire, these things do happen. And, when they do, they are costly. According to Forbes, “fires cost homeowners the most, with $6.3 billion in damages between 2015 and 2017 alone. Flooding cost homeowners about $5.1 billion in that time, while hurricanes and tornadoes racked up $4.5 billion in damages.”

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5 Incredibly Useful Damage Restoration Tips for Small Businesses

With the amount of time, money, and love you have poured into your small business, you don’t want to a disaster to ruin everything you’ve built. Whether you are dealing with a flood or a pipe break, small business owners have to work harder than others to make sure they don’t have to close their doors permanently.

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Proof That Mold Testing Really Works

Are you smelling musty odors? Have you stumbled upon black, dirty spots in your home? Do you have a family member whose allergies seem to be getting worse? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may be dealing with a mold issue. Before you start to panic, don’t worry. The mold remediation companies in Tampa, like Dririte, are prepared to restore your home to its healthier, more livable condition.

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The Truth About Mold Remediation in 3 Minutes

When it comes to protecting your home and your wallet, you want to make wise decisions. There is no truer time than when homes are affected by mold. Homeowner’s reactions to mold can be very different. Some homeowners choose to ignore the problem (yikes!), others try to deal with the mold issue themselves, and some give scammers way too much money to “fix” the problem.

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The 10 Reasons Tourists Love Tampa

Tourists flock to Tampa year after year – even hurricane damage in Tampa Florida doesn’t stop tourists from visiting the fun and beachy Golf Coast destination. According to the Tampa Bay Business Journal, “Despite being hammered by Hurricane Irma last fall, Florida set another tourism record in 2017 with 116.5 million visitors, and Tampa and St. Pete showed big increases in several areas.”

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Water Damage And Your AC System

What happens to your AC after Water Damage

Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) systems, when directly contacted by Category 1 water, can cease to operate, or they can function inefficiently or spread excess humidity throughout both affected and unaffected areas of a structure. If contacted directly by Category 2 or 3 water, they can spread contamination to unaffected areas. Even if an HVAC system is not directly contacted by water, when operating, it can spread humidity or contamination from affected to unaffected areas. Further, microbial growth from other causes can be carried to the interior of HVAC system components where it can accumulate and degrade HVAC component operation. Read More »

HVAC Systems After A Flood

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems can be contaminated directly by water damage. Air conditioning systems can also be contaminated prior to contact with water. If the heating and air conditioning system was running while the property was contaminated with Category 2 or 3 water, it can spread many other contaminants to other areas of the property that were not directly affected by the water damage. Read More »

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