Flood Damage


What to Do If Your House Floods During a Hurricane?

Although a hurricane’s power is typically measured by its winds, the storm surge and resulting flooding can be destructive and even more deadly. If you’ve evacuated before your house floods, don’t return until authorities say it is safe. If you’re in your house when it starts flooding, go to its highest level. Don’t enter a closed attic because you can

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How Water Damage Can Affect the Air Quality in Your Home?

Water—we cannot live without it. But sometimes, too much of it is dangerous. Floods and leaks do a lot more damage to your home than you might think. While water damages your home’s structure and components, it can also leave a lingering effect on your air quality. Stagnant water and slow leaks can cause mold, mildew, and airborne toxins to spread

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4 Things To Do After a Flood in Florida

Flooding is terrifying, and both the immediate and long-lasting effects can be stressful to navigate. Within the first 24 hours, it’s crucial to know what to do and how to best respond to prevent further damage to your home. Luckily, there are a few key action steps you can take immediately after a flood to minimize damage and get back

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My Bathroom Is Flooded! What Should I Do?

When you think bathroom floods, does your mind picture a bunch of bacteria? You’re not the only one. Bathrooms house plenty of unsanitary components, and if clogs back up your sinks and showers, they can turn into a smelly and bacteria-filled mess.  When dealing with water, time is always of the essence. The sooner you contact a professional for water

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5 Things to Do When Flood & Water Disaster Happens in Your House

When there’s a water damage emergency, you need to act fast to prevent mildew, mold growth, and other issues. In most cases, the origin of the water in your home will determine how to begin flood damage cleanup and repair. Water from home appliance leaks has different contaminants than a flooded river or backed-up sewage line. Nevertheless, you’ll need to

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Flood-Related Hazards That Cause Property Damage & Health Risks

Rising sea levels and severe weather conditions increase the chances of homeowners experiencing flood damage in Tampa, FL. Of course, that doesn’t take into account all the flooding that occurs as a result of broken pipes, clogged drains, and other major culprits. Flooding can be catastrophic to both the structure of your home and your physical health. The damage can be

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