Our Management Team Of Damage Restoration Professionals

Our Team Of Professionals

Meet The Team

Our team is led by licensed professionals with vast industry knowledge, holding many top-tier certifications.

Mike Campbell - DRIRITE

Mike Campbell


Tim Campbell - DRIRITE

Tim Campbell


David Campbell - DRIRITE

David Campbell

Senior Insurance Claims Specialist

Rob Daily - DRIRITE

Rob Daily

Operations Manager

Scott Wilcox - DRIRITE

Scott Wilcox

Customer Service Manager

Leslie Rogers - DRIRITE

Leslie Rogers

Senior Inspector

Juan Guerrerro - DRIRITE

Juan Guerrerro

Project Manager

Niko Gnann - DRIRITE

Niko Gnann

Marketing Manager

Shawn Campbell - DRIRITE

Shawn Campbell

Carpet Cleaning Manager

Ismael Calderon - DRIRITE

Ismael Calderon

Remediation Manager

Seth Bush - DRIRITE

Seth Bush

Project Manager

Cristal Rodriquez - DRIRITE

Cristal Rodriquez

Project Manager

Donna Campbell - DRIRITE

Donna Campbell

Office Manager

Lisa Guerrerro - DRIRITE

Lisa Guerrerro

Assistant Restoration Manager

Nachiliz Walton - DRIRITE

Nachiliz Walton

Account Director

Allegra Campbell - DRIRITE

Allegra Campbell

Account Director

Irene Flores - DRIRITE

Irene Flores

Account Director

Sandra Ramos - DRIRITE

Sandra Ramos

Account Director

Ina Morrissey - DRIRITE

Ina Morrissey

Marketing Manager

Kristie Dailey - DRIRITE

Kristie Daliey

Accounts Receivable Manager

Savannah Jones - DRIRITE

Savannah Jones

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Joel Ortiz - DRIRITE

Joel Ortiz

Report Analyst

Andreina-Lopez - DRIRITE

Andreina Lopez

Accounts Receivable Specialist

Clayton Lancaster - DRIRITE

Clayton Lancaster

Project Assistant

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