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Water Damage Restoration Service in Cheval, FL

You can’t prevent or be prepared for all water issues. But when water damage strikes, you can mitigate the damage by contacting an expert water damage restoration company. 

In Cheval, Florida, folks rely on DriRite to restore their properties to pre-loss condition. Our IICRC-certified team delivers prompt and effective solutions while safeguarding the well-being of homeowners and building occupants. Reach out today for a free water damage assessment.

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Storm Damage Restoration Solutions

At DriRite, we’re dedicated to resolving your water damage issues with tailored solutions. Our certified team is well-equipped to handle any property damage, whether it stems from a minor leak or a major storm, serving both homes and businesses in Cheval.

When your property is affected by contaminated water, such as floodwaters, swift action is crucial. The longer flood water remains, the more damage it can cause, including mold, rot, and structural issues. It may also contain sewage and other contaminants, posing health risks that require immediate removal.

We utilize heavy-duty equipment to extract water, dry, dehumidify, and sanitize your property. If needed, we’ll also address mold and fully restore your property. Rest assured, we document all damage with photos and reports to provide you peace of mind.

If you’re facing water damage in Cheval, don’t hesitate to contact our experts at (813) 635-0303 for swift assistance.

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We Offer Free Estimates On All Water Damage Emergencies in Cheval, Florida.

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Why Choose DriRite?

For more than 40 years, we have been the leader in professional property restoration services in Cheval, FL, and nearby areas. When you choose us, you’re signing up for superb communication and top-notch service. What makes us stand out from other restoration companies is our commitment to delivering:


Available by phone 24/7
Free estimates
No minimum charge
Financing available
100% satisfaction guarantee

Other companies:

Machine phone prompts
$250 Estimates
$1000 minimum charge
No financing plans
No guarantee

What Our Customers Are Saying?

Cheval Residents Trust DRIRITE® for Water Damage Restoration.

Check out our excellent testimonials from Cheval, FL residents. Some even say that their property looked better than its pre-loss condition.

Jeff and his partner were excellent! They were very friendly and professional. They did a great job! Thank you so much!
Melissa B.
Melissa B.
12:47 22 May 24
Freddy and Derlin communicated well and worked diligently to get everything taken care of.
01:18 21 May 24
Jeffery Acevedo was knowledge about the process involved in getting to full restoration, team was polite and accommodating to our home, needs,.and questions. Would recommend.
Robert J.
Robert J.
23:36 20 May 24
Jeffrey Acevedo and Octavius were so professional.Their work was done very well and the cleanup was spotless.They were a pleasure to have in our home.Extremely hard workers.
Jeffrey G.
Jeffrey G.
18:57 20 May 24
Nick and Ja'lin did a nice job. They were very careful with the work they did.
Marvin B.
Marvin B.
12:57 19 May 24
Derlin was fantastic! His explanation is everything was very easy to follow. His services are very appreciated.
Mary W.
Mary W.
17:34 18 May 24

Mold Remediation and Mold Removal

Mold can swiftly emerge within just 24 to 48 hours following water damage, posing risks to both your well-being and property. Luckily, our team specializes in prompt mold removal, adhering rigorously to industry-leading standards. Even in cases where mold isn’t visibly apparent, a lingering musty odor often indicates its presence.

Our seasoned experts conduct thorough property inspections to identify mold types, pinpoint moisture sources, and determine the most effective removal methods. Employing industrial-grade treatments, we kill mold, sanitize affected areas, and install HEPA filtration systems to enhance indoor air quality. We also provide documentation, including detailed imagery and written reports, keeping you informed and protecting your property value.

Sewage Backup Cleanup Services

Sewage backups are a nightmare to deal with, and for good reason. Not only do they cause significant damage, but they also carry harmful bacteria and sometimes parasites. These incidents often occur due to clogged toilets, spills, or backed-up drains. Seeking professional sewage removal and cleanup services is essential to reduce health risks, prevent mold growth, and minimize further damage.

DriRite offers expert services for removing contaminated water, drying, and sanitization for residents in Cheval, FL. If your home or business has been affected by a sewer flood, reach out to us today for prompt assistance.

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Reconstruction Services

If water damage isn’t swiftly addressed, it can lead to serious structural issues like sagging ceilings, weakened walls, and damaged wood floors. Quick action to remove water is crucial to prevent unsafe conditions and further deterioration.

At DriRite, we’re experienced in restoring both residential and commercial properties after major water emergencies. Whether your project involves installing drywall and insulation, repairing plumbing systems, or refreshing walls with new paint, we handle every aspect of restoration. No matter the extent of the damage, our comprehensive reconstruction services ensure your property is restored to its original condition.

Furthermore, we prioritize clear communication by providing daily updates and detailed project documentation, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Our reconstruction services include:

  • Structural stabilization
  • Emergency board-ups
  • Reconstruction estimates
  • Demolition and debris removal
  • Permit acquisition
  • Project management
  • Appraisals
  • Inspections
  • 1-year warranty
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We Work With All Insurances.

DRIRITE® works with all insurance companies and can help you file a claim correctly.

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