How to Reconstruct Your House After Disaster Strikes or Water Damage

If your home has sustained damage due to water, fire, smoke, storms, floods, or any other disaster, get in touch with DRIRITE® for the best Reconstruction Service.  Our experts will get your property restored as soon as possible in the Tampa Bay area. We’re certified technicians who can provide emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Not sure what to do after a disaster has made a mess of your home? Check out the information below. 

Choose the Best Contractor to Do the Reconstruction Job

No matter the renovation’s size, hire a qualified company for the job. Reputable contractors with years of experience know the protocols for each home project. They also have the tools and techniques to complete the project efficiently and without causing additional damage.

Choose a restoration technician who knows what they’re doing. Get multiple quotes, read reviews, and ask family, friends, and neighbors for referrals. 

1. Document Everything

The cost of rebuilding after an unforeseen incident can be expensive. Be sure to document all damages related to repair and replacement. 

 Document Everything: Reconstruction Your House After Water Damage Or Disaster Strikes

When documenting, make sure to note or capture videos of the following information: 

Serial numbers

Be sure you’ve got the serial numbers of any pricey new appliances, fancy electronics, or other damaged items in your home. 

Everything with damages

Photograph walls, ceilings, floors, and personal possessions. Everything damaged should be thoroughly documented. It’s better to take more photos than you think you’ll need than to take less. 

Material samples

If your insulation got moldy, pop some of it in a plastic bag. If your flooring got water damaged, do the same. These samples may come in handy when you’re haggling with insurance over the extent of the damage. 

Keep receipts of Reconstruction

Hold on to any receipts you get for work done on your home, purchased materials, or anything related to your disaster remodeling—including making a last-minute move to temporary housing. 

Detailed records make it easier to work with the insurance company; if you need help, ask your restoration contractor to provide documentation to support your claim.

Pro Tip: Photographs and videos can help explain structural components when working with contractors, not to mention they’re helpful for before-and-after comparisons. 

2. Assess Your Home’s Structural Damage

Before you run inside your damaged home, remember this: people are more important than property. For this reason, you need to wait until it’s safe to enter your home. The fire department can recommend a restoration contractor to assess the structural damages and then make recommendations for repairs. 

3. Make a Checklist for Reconstruction

Make A Checklist: Reconstruction Your House After Water Damage Or Disaster Strikes

A cleaning, restoring, and remodeling plan is essential to completing everything correctly. Take the record of your damages to your restoration contractor and make sure each project is restored to its original condition. 

4. Keep an Eye on Electricity

After a flooding incident, the last thing you need is accidental electrocution. 

Gather your family, essentials, and pets—then evacuate to a safe, dry location. If you can, locate your breaker box and turn off all energy sources to your home. 

Accidental electrocutions are dangerous. Let your restoration technicians go over worn-out or exposed cables with the appropriate electrical tape. 

Warning: Avoid doing any DIY electrical repairs at all costs.

5. Protect Your Belongings

Protect Your Belongings: Reconstruction Your House After Water Damage Or Disaster Strikes

Your home is your safe haven, but when it’s wrecked, your possessions are vulnerable to theft. It may be a good idea to house valuables (jewelry, personal documents, electronics) in a safety deposit box, safe, or storage unit. 

Contact DRIRITE® for Reconstruction Services In Tampa Bay Area

When an unfortunate incident impacts the condition and stability of your home, you need honest restoration services. That’s where we come in. DRIRITE® technicians specialize in emergency reconstruction

We’re the one-stop-shop Tampa residents trust to revive properties to their pre-loss conditions. Our specialists are compassionate, communicative, and respectful. We aim to revive your establishment so you and your loved ones can return to your normal routine. We Turn Chaos Into Calm™. Call DRIRITE® today. 

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