Benefits of Hiring an IICRC-Certified Water Damage Restoration Company

Amateur versus professional. When it comes to water damage restoration, which do you prefer? Professionals with substantial training and up-to-date certifications—that’s what everyone wants. Unfortunately, many home and business owners settle for unsatisfactory work from unqualified, uncertified companies. 

Don’t hire an uncertified restoration company to perform any service on your property. Trust an IICRC-certified business to restore your establishment. 

What is the IICRC?


Short for Institution of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification, the IICRC is a high-caliber, non-profit organization globally recognized and respected in the industry. This company establishes the industry’s training programs and practices for inspectors, cleaners, restorers, and installers. If you want a credit restoration company to revive your establishment, look for the IICRC logo. 

To become certified, applicants must meet specific criteria:

  • Be insured 
  • Be licensed
  • Pass stringent tests

What Are IICRC Standards?

To be fair, IICRC standards vary on the service. However, standards related to water damage restoration are based on frequently updated restoration sources, including international, national, scientific community, and regional trade associations, among others. Developments in technology, processing, and testing procedures also contribute to updating principles.

Standards are based on the highest quality restoration products, equipment, and methods available in the industry. Each company must prove that they hold all necessary resources to accommodate both small and large properties. In addition, each technician must pass a rigorous exam, according to the methods listed in these standards, to prove their knowledge in water damage restoration.

Why Does IICRC Certification Matter?

You wouldn’t hire an unlicensed contractor to build your home, would you? The same goes for a water damage restoration company, which significantly increases the likelihood of health and safety risks, accidents, and poor work ethic.

While electrical and plumbing contractors require licensing, anyone can establish a water damage restoration company. And without the experience, training, and skills needed to revive your home, those technicians will do more harm than good. 

Choose an IICRC-certified company to handle your water damage because they have earned certifications and passed tests that confirm their knowledge and skill. Always trust trained professionals. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands.

Benefits of Hiring IICRC-Certified Water Damage Restoration Company

Benefits Of Hiring IICRC-Certified Water Damage Restoration Company

1. Consumers Trust IICRC

An IICRC certification tells potential customers that we care about safety protocols and industry standards.  IICRC accreditation also establishes a company’s job performance, worth, and credibility. 

2. Quick Restoration

Water damage can create unbearable conditions in your home or business –When water is involved, timely restoration is crucial. Professional water damage services respond immediately. They arrive as soon as possible, dry and disinfect the area, and make any repairs.  

3. Handling Advanced Equipment

There’s nothing worse than a so-called professional who has no idea what they’re doing. IICRC ensures technicians have the appropriate equipment to complete every project accurately. 

4. Safety Standards Ensure Confidence

IICRC standards abide by strict guidelines. The organization sets an extremely high bar to elevate the cleaning and restoration industry. This ensures customer confidence, especially on hazardous jobs that require special equipment and procedures.

5. Companies With IICRC Certification Are Top Rated

Top water damage restoration companies receive extensive and thorough annual certification and training. Their staff relies on IICRC’s continual research advancements to improve industry awareness and safety procedures. When customers see the IICRC certification badge, they understand the caliber of techniques and technology used to restore homes and businesses. 

6. Insurance Claim Guidance

Dealing with the water damage plus difficult insurance adjusters can be extremely frustrating. Fortunately, professional restoration technicians have plenty of experience working with insurance companies. They will help you properly document damages which enables you to offset the damages. Trust us, this type of guidance makes the entire process much less stressful.

7. Reduced Losses and Costs

Water damage can be costly, which is why the sooner you get professional help, the lower your damages will be. Immediately hiring a professional restoration service removes water from your property faster, reducing the total restoration cost and damages.

IICRC-Certified Water Damage Restoration Company in Tampa

Water damage can happen at any time and for any reason. Whether from flooding, storm bursts, leaking pipes, or damaged roofs, water in your home can have a devastating impact. This is why it’s critical that you hire a professional water damage company to address the water damage and perform any mitigation. 

Restoring water-damaged property to its initial condition may involve several processes, but we do whatever it takes.   Get a level of confidence that only DRIRITE® can give.

Schedule IICRC-certified restoration for your property today.

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